Like Crazy

When One Direction come to America for vacation, Harry meets a girl named Darby. They fall inlove, but when it's time for Harry to go back to England, how will they make their long distance relationship last?


7. The Wedding


Weeks go by, and me and Harry start planning our wedding. Our wedding date is July 23rd, the same as One Direction's anniversary, and my birthday. We're having a simple wedding. We're inviting about 100 people, and the church part will be short. Just an exchange of handwritten vows, and then the whole ring ceremony. Then the reception, and the party will be sort of simple too. There'll be dancing and alcohol, and since I'm turning 18 that day, I can legally drink in the UK. I've liked living in London with Harry. I've had such a fun time. The boys are invited to so many little awards shows, and VIP parties, and Harry takes me to all of them. ~ The day finally comes. Danielle, Liam's girlfriend, Perrie, Zayn's girlfriend, Eleanor, Louis' girlfriend, and Katrina are my bridesmaids. Kat is my maid of honor. They all help me into my dress, and Danielle and Perrie do my hair and makeup. My dress is kinda simple. It's not really a traditional wedding dress. It's strapless, and it's short in the front and then trails down longer in the back. My hair is naturally curly, so the girls left it like that, and just piled it on top of my head. "Okay, time to go!" Eleanor says excitedly. We start walking towards the back room, where I'll walk out, and I think of Harry, and then my stomach gets butterflies, just like it did the first time I met him. Harry's POV I wear a white tux, and my grooms men wear black tuxes. I have an orange and white polka dotted bow tie, and everyone else wears black and blue bow ties. My grooms men are the boys, and Louis is my best man. "Haz, let's go." Louis says with a smile. I start walking towards the church, and take my place in front of the altar. The rest of the boys go with their girlfriends, and Niall is with Darby's friend Katrina. I saw them flirting with each other the other day, right when Katrina flew in from America. Katrina has platinum blonde hair,very tanned skin, and bright blue eyes. I have to say that she's very pretty, but I'm in love with Darby and nothing will ever change that. The music starts playing, and the whole bridal party walks down the aisle. All of our guests are in the church, and the flash of camera's goes off every few seconds. Then finally, Darby walks down the aisle, her brother walks her down. She and her brother hadn't seen each other for 10 years or maybe more. Then, they bumped into each other a few weeks ago, and she found out he lived in London too. I am breathless, I just smile at her and she smiles back. Her piercing green orbs sparkle as she continues smiling at everyone. The minister begins with a short welcoming, then he says, "Now, Harry and Darby have written their own vows to each other, and would like to share them at this point." Darby's POV Me and Harry decided I would share mine first. I take out the sheet of paper with my vow on it, and begin reading. "Dear Harry, This isn't any kinda of vow. This vow is for you. I love you so much, if you don't know that yet. I've loved you from day one, but I was too scared to admit it. Your curls and dimples really got me. I will always do anything to see that cheeky smile on your face. I will always cherish the love we have for each other. Our bond is unbreakable, and I hope you realize that too. I vow that I will always take care of you, when your sick, when your tired, or even when your hungry," I say, and there's laughter throughout the small church," I vow that even though you are famous, I would never use that fame, or abuse it. I love you for you, not for Harry Styles from One Direction.. well, I actually love both of them," laughter again," I love you, Harry. I want us to be with each other for eternity. I truly love being with you. And who knew that the curly haired boy I bumped into that one day on the beach, would become this important to me?" I realize I'm crying, and I wipe my tears away. "With Love, Darby xx." I finish. Harry looks at me, and I see tears in his eyes, he smiles the cheekiest smile ever, and begins. "Well, I certainly can't top that, but I can try." he says, and there's a little bit of laughing. "Dear Darby, I love you. It's as simple as those three words, but those three words have so many memories, and stories behind them. I truly believe in true love, because I met you. I fell in love with your piercing green eyes, and your beautiful California tanned skin. Even though you are English born but you've lived in California for almost your whole life, I can say that your accent is really getting more English by the day. I'm honestly so glad I met you because I have no idea what I would be doing right now without you. By life seems so complete when you entered it. So because of that, I vow to cherish every second with you. I vow to take care of you whenever you need me, even if I'm half way across the world, touring. But I know that I would probably take you with me." he says, and I look at the guests looking at us, and some of them and wiping their tears, and some are taking pictures. Harry takes my hand and continues," I vow that even though I am Harry Styles from One Direction, I will always be the Harry that you fell in love with before you found out I was famous. I love you so much Darby. But, who knew the girl the bumped into me that one day on the beach, would become this important to me?" he finishes, "With Love, Harry xx." We give each other the rings then the minister says, "You may kiss the bride." "Finally!" Harry yells, and kisses me passionately as all the guests laugh.
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