Like Crazy

When One Direction come to America for vacation, Harry meets a girl named Darby. They fall inlove, but when it's time for Harry to go back to England, how will they make their long distance relationship last?


2. The Spark


I see Harry waiting by the boardwalk, and I run to catch up to him. A few girls are surrounding him, I guess fans. I run up behind him, and scare him. "Darby!" he says happily, turning around to face me. "Ouu, who's that?" one of the fans ask. "Is that your girlfriend?" the other asks. "No, we just met yesterday, we're just friends." I say, and smile at them. "You two would make an amazing couple." the third girl says, and they all start walking towards the beach. I look at Harry and he's blushing. I feel the butterflies attack my stomach as I look into his torquise eyes. We start walking along the beach, and we tell each other about ourselves. "Well, I'm adopted. I was originally born in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire." " No way! I live there." he says excitedly. We found out other little facts about each other. Like our birthdays, our favorite color, and other stuff like that. "Hey, have you ever surfed before?" I ask. "No. I haven't." "Okay, follow me then." Harry's POV Darby leads me to a little shack with surfboards painted on it. "Hey Dani. Two please." she says, handing the girl a card. Darby takes one surfboard herself then hands the other one to me. She heads towards the water. She puts down the surfboard, and takes off her clothes, revealing an amazing body. I bite my lip. "Your gorgeous." I say, looking her up and down. She blushes slightly. "Take a picture, it'll last longer." she says, and goes into the water. I take off my shirt and follow her. This time she bites her lip when she sees me. "Hey, take a picture, it'll last longer." I tell her jokingly, she smiles. ~ "Yes Harry! You got it!" she yells, but then I fall off the surfboard for about the millionth time. I swim to Darby underwater and pop up in front of her, and I hear her infectious laugh. She's like Niall, always laughing at everything. She splashes me, and that starts a huge splash war. We go onto the sand to dry off, and I realize that the sun looks like it's going to set soon. Darby sits down beside me. "I won." she says, and pokes my cheek. "I disagree with that completely." I say, and poke her cheek. "I clearly won! You didn't even fight back, you just turned around so you wouldn't get water in your eyes." she says, and we both start laughing. "Okay fine I admit it... I won." I say, and wink at her. We laugh some more, then Darby says, "Watch the sunset with me?" "Okay." I answer. The sunset was beautiful. The sky was a mix of pink and yellow and orange. I took a picture of it on my phone and tweeted it. 'Watched this gorgeous sunset with my friend' I write. "Hey Darby, what's your twitter?" "@darbyxo_" I continue writing, 'Watched this gorgeous sunset with my friend @darbyxo_' We get up and dust the sand off of ourselves, and we start walking. "So where are we going to go?" I ask. "Let's go to Katie's Burger Place." she says, and that's where we go. After we eat, I walk Darby home. "I had an amazing day. How about we do this tomorrow?" I say. "Gladly." she says. I look into her piercing green eyes. I unconsciously move closer to her, and move a strand of hair behind her ear. I feel her breath mix with mine, and I inhale her scent. I look down at her, and she looks up at me through her eyelashes. I inch closer to her face until my lips gently press against hers. I feel fireworks ignite in my stomach. I curl my hand to the back of Darby's neck, and I feel her run her fingers through my hair. Darby's POV At his touch, goosebumps appear. I get chills down my back as his hand moves from my neck to my back. I feel him back me up against my door, and the kiss becomes more urgent. I hear a little click, and open my eyes. Two paps stand on the road with their cameras. "Harry. Stop." I say. He turns around and then looks back at me with a shocked face. "Oh God. Darby-" I cut him off. "Come inside." I whisper, and I open the door. We hear a few shouts from the paps. We walk into the kitchen and my mom is there. "Hey mum. Uh this is Harry." I say. She smiles, but then she gets a little look of shock. "Harry as in Harry Styles?!" she says. Oh God.. "Yeah mum.." I say. I loved my mum, but sometimes she could embarrass me.. a lot. Harry smiles at her. "It's nice to meet you Mrs.Johnson." he says. "Oh, my names Jenna, just call me that." mum says. "Yeah, so can Harry stay here because there is paps outside and he doesn't have a car with him." "Sure honey." mum answers. I lead Harry to my room, and I sit down on the bed as he looks around. "Your room is huge!" he says. "Well, my sister is away at university, plus she owns her own apartment, with her fiance. So we tore down her room and made it into one big room." I say. I lay down on my bed and close my eyes. I feel someone lay down beside me. I open my eyes and find Harry staring at me. "What?" I say, smiling a bit. "I'm just trying to figure you out." he says. We end up falling asleep beside each other, and the next morning I wake up and I hear Harry downstairs talking with my mum and dad. I walk down the stairs and into the kitchen. My mum is making pancakes while Harry and dad sit at the table and laugh about something. "Good morning hun!" mum says. "Morning everyone." Harry looks up at me and smiles. The butterflies from yesterday come back, and attack my stomach. I smile back. We all eat breakfast together and then me and Harry go to the beach. The next few weeks are spent together. We did something different everyday. One day, we were lying down on a blanket in the park, Harry says, "I really like you." My heart almost stops. I thought I was the only one who had feelings for him, I never thought he would like me back. "I really like you too." I say, and I kiss him. And that's what started our relationship.
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