Like Crazy

When One Direction come to America for vacation, Harry meets a girl named Darby. They fall inlove, but when it's time for Harry to go back to England, how will they make their long distance relationship last?


5. Seeing You Again


Harry's POV Another person comes down the path, towards their loved ones, but Darby still hasn't come out. I go to check my phone, and when I look up, she's standing right in front of me, with that huge smile on her face, a dimple dotting her cheek. I smash my lips against hers, and I inhale that familiar scent that I've missed for so long. I like the way our lips feel so familiar together. I realize how much I've missed Darby; more than I could admit to. I pull away, and look at her, breathless. She looks a little different. She has a few more freckles than she had before right under her eyes, and on her nose. Her eyes look a lot more turquoise now, and her hair is longer, but still the same color. "I've missed you so much." I say, looking down at her. "Same here, Harry." she says, and smiles. She places another kiss on my lips, then on my cheek. I entwine our fingers together, and we both walk to my car, hand in hand. "Darby!!" Louis yells, as we open the door to my flat. Darby smiles and yells his name. They embrace, and then Louis cracks a joke and Darby laughs, but all I can see and hear is Darby. It seems so surreal that she's here, in London, with me. The rest of the boys come out of the kitchen, and everyone says their hellos. "Alright boys, lets give these too some time to themselves, if you know what I mean." Louis says, and winks at me and Darby. I feel my face get a little hot, and Darby face looks a little red, when I glance down at her. The boys all chuckle as they leave, and then I close the door. "So, how was your flight?" I ask. "Meh, as good as plane rides can go." she says. Darby moves closer to me, and puts my face between her hands. She kisses me ever so lightly on the lips, with makes a shiver run through my body. I feel her smile against my lips, and I kiss her forehead. I go back to her lips, and we walk backwards until Darby has her back against a wall or something. My hand brushes her side, and I feel goosebumps on her skin. I begin to take Darby's shirt off, as she explores my back with her soft hands. Darby's POV We end up in Harry's bedroom, naked. Harry starts entering me, and I scream a little because I haven't done this in a while, and it hurts. "You okay?" I hear him whisper on my skin. "Perfect." I say, and continue kissing him everywhere. The pain I felt moments ago is replaced by full bliss. A moan escapes my lips, and I hear Harry start laughing. "Your so easy to please." he breathes. I just laugh as he continues to kiss my sweet spots.
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