Like Crazy

When One Direction come to America for vacation, Harry meets a girl named Darby. They fall inlove, but when it's time for Harry to go back to England, how will they make their long distance relationship last?


1. Meeting You


It's another hot day in Orange County, California. I put on my spandex shorts and my gym shirt, and go for a run. I run along the beach, like every morning. My thoughts swim in my head. My life isn't exactly something you would call normal. I was born in England, Holmes Chapel actually, but I was adopted and now I live in America. My adoptive parents are really nice. My mum's name is Jenna, and my dad's name is Mark. They're your average parents. As I keep thinking about things, I have my head down as I slow to a walk, and I accidentally bump into someone. Harry's POV "Hey watch-" I am about to say, but I turn around and look at this beautiful girl. I instantly smile. "Sorry." she says, and is about to start walking again. "Wait, you can't just leave. I don't even know your name." I say, and she turns around and smiles at me, a little arrogantly. "Darby. And you?" she says. "Harry. Harry Styles." I notice she has an accent. "Are you from England?" I ask. "I was born there, but I've been living here since I was a baby." "Oh, well I'm from England.. So are the boys over there." I say, and point to Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall playing around with a football behind me. She rolls her eyes, "Yeah, no shit your from England." I smirk at her, but she just turns around and starts walking. Darby's POV That was awkward, I think to myself. I start jogging, then that turns into a run. As I reach my house, I am out of breath because I sprinted the last quarter of the mile. I shower, then change into a pair of white short shorts, and a red crop top. I slip on my converse, then head to my friend, Katrina's, house. To: Katrina im on my way to your house From: Katrina okkk cant wait Since Katrina is going away for the rest of the summer, this is our last day together. We spend most of the day at her house watching movies. Then, at around 8pm, we head to the boardwalk for the carnival happening on the pier. "I'm going to miss you so much, this is the first summer that we won't spend together." Kat says sadly. I think about that. Every summer, for the past 10 years, we've spent together. I don't answer because I'm to sad to think about it. As I keep walking, I bump into someone. And it's none other than Harry, that guy in the beach today. "Oh, hey." he says. "Hi, Harry." I say flatly. Katrina nudges my arm. "You too know each other?" she asks. "Yeah, I bumped into him this morning when I went for a run." I see a little sparkle in her eye. She always gets that whenever I meet a new guy friend. She plays matchmaker, and quite frankly, usually ruins all chance of me dating that guy. But, the boys that Harry pointed out this morning, are standing behind him. "Hello, girls. I'm Louis." one of them says. He's kinda cute, with his messy brown hair, and blue eyes. But, Harry, with his chocolate brown curls, and blue green eyes, looks even better to me. I feel my stomach flutter as this thought engulfs me. "Darby?" Kat asks. "Oh, sorry. Yeah?" I just realized that the boys left. But Katrina had a piece of paper in her hand. " Here." she says, and hands me the piece of paper and winks at me. Scrawled on it, in messy yet cute handwriting is a phone number, and Harry's name. I look up at Katrina and smile. "He's really cute, you should text him." To: Harry hey harry its darby He replies right away. From: Harry hey darby wanna hangout tmr? xx To: Harry okay meet me at the boardwalk at 10am "You're smiling! What did he write?" Katrina squeals. "I'm hanging out with him tomorrow." I answer. We walk back to her house, then I go back to mine and go straight to bed. "I'll miss you like crazy." I say, tears in my eyes. "Aww, babe I'll miss you like crazy too. Text me and we can Skype when I get there." Kat says, also with tears in her eyes. We stand in a hug, and begin crying a bit. "Okay, Katrina. Time to go." her mom says, and we tighten our grip on each other, then Kat goes into her car. I watch as the car drives away, and I wave again. I begin to run home. I check the time "9:27 " I slip on my bathing suit. The one with the pink ruffled bandeau top, and ruffled bottoms. Then my white crop top and blue high rise shorts. Then I walk to the boardwalk, butterflies attacking my stomache
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