Like Crazy

When One Direction come to America for vacation, Harry meets a girl named Darby. They fall inlove, but when it's time for Harry to go back to England, how will they make their long distance relationship last?


4. Goodbye


I hear Harry on the phone. "Yeah, I just can't believe it came so fast... of course I miss you mum... I'm really going to miss her, yeah... okay, see you tomorrow bye mum." I'm sitting on his bed, and he walks into the room. It's become awkward between us, because we know we won't see each other for a long time. "Harry.." I begin, but he cuts me off by crashing his lips against mine. I try again, "Harry.. I'm really going-" I smash my lips onto his soft lips. I need to distract myself from the thought. The boys and I are going to go on a boat ride today, as a leaving party, sort of. But I think we're all going to be really sad, instead of enjoying ourselves. I think about the whole summer. I'd never have thought that the cheeky curly-haired boy I bumped into that one morning on the beach, would become so important to me. I still remember the way his soft, full lips felt on mine the first time he kissed me on my doorstep that night. I remember all the little things we did together, and all the kisses we shared in between. It's funny to think that the thing that started all your happiness, will end it too; one simple kiss. I begin to cry as I think about this. I feel Harry engulf me in a hug, I inhale his scent, and kiss his cheek. I touch his bare chest, and I feel goosebumps on his body when I touch him. I look up and try to smile, but another tear falls down my cheek. Harry wipes my eyes, and kisses me on the lips. "Okay, you guys ready?" we hear Liam shout. "We're coming." Harry says, and kisses me again. "Let's enjoy ourselves, Dar, okay?" he says. "I'll try." "Darby, just jump!" Harry yells from the water, "Or I'll grab you and pull you in." he says, and I laugh. "I'm scared." I say, and give him puppy dog eyes. "I'll jump with you. Help me up?" he says, sticking out his hand. I grab my hand but I feel him tug, and I go tumbling into the water. I spit water out of my mouth, and I scream. Harry is just laughing. "Oh, baby, that hurt." I say, pretending to cry. Harry swims up to me with a concerned look on his face. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-" I splash him in the face. I start laughing as he spits water out of his mouth, and rubs his eyes. "Oh, you asked for it." he says, and he goes underwater. He goes deeper so that I can't see him, and I start getting a little scared. I scream as grabs my foot and tickles it. "Keep it down out there." I hear Louis yell, and I start laughing. After another few minutes, me and Harry climb back on the boat to dry off. I shiver a bit, and Harry see's so he gives me his towel. I see goosebumps appear on Harry's skin, "Harry, take back your towel, your freezing." I say, handing it to him. "No, I'm fine." he says. He engulfs me in a hug. "Ah, Harry you're still wet!" I yell as the cold droplets of water make contact with the skin on my stomach. He just laughs. "You too are so cute." Louis says, and smiles at us. "Say cheese!" he says, as he takes Harry's iPhone out and takes a picture. I kiss Harry, and Louis takes another picture. ~ I stand on my tiptoes in the airport. "Well, this is as far as I can go." I say, tears already staining my cheeks. I see Harry's eyes fill up with water, but it doesn't spill over. I kiss him passionately. This kiss has every feeling and emotion behind. The two and a half months me and Harry spent together is behind that kiss. All the memories, everything. "Darby," he says, pulling away at the same time as me. I catch my breath, and the tears come seconds later. "Darby, listen to me. We aren't seperated permanently, okay. We have Skype, and our phones, and Twitter." I just look into his eyes. His usual green blue orbs are replaced with pools of grey and blue. The tears still stream down my face, and I can't even speak. "Darby, I love you." he says. That brings me to my senses. It's the first time he's ever said that to me. "I love you too, Harry." I say, looking into his eyes. I kiss him again. "Okay, Harry time to go." Paul says, tapping him on the shoulder. "Don't forget me, okay." I tell him, and I watch him walk down the corridor towards the airplane. He turns around for a brief second. "I won't forget you." he says, and with that, he boards the plane. I start walking back to my car, and I check my phone. Before we left to the airport, Harry was playing around with my phone and I didn't see what he did. He changed my wallpaper to the picture Louis took of us on the boat kissing in front of the sunset. I begin crying. Chapter 5 (Missing You) It's been a week since Harry left. Katrina's back now, and she's been hanging out with me, trying to cheer me up. "Come on, let's go somewhere!" she says excitedly. I follow her, not knowing where she'll lead me, and we end up going to a party. Great, just what I need. I end up getting really drunk, that I throw up, and the next morning my hangover is really bad. I sit on my bed and look through the pictures on my camera. It's one of this big, black, professional ones. The memory stick is full of pictures of me and Harry. I start crying, as I remember every single one of those memories captures in those pictures. It hurts to look at them, but I can't delete them. That would be like deleting part of my life. I haven't talked to Harry since he left because I know it will only make things harder. We texted each other one night, and we agreed that if we could, we should try to get over one another because there's a really small chance that we will see each other soon.. or at all. I see him online on Skype a lot when I'm on, but I never chat with him. I finally tweet him one day 'I miss @Harry_Styles like crazy, he really needs to come back soon' Harry's POV I see Darby's tweet and the whole summer comes back, and hits me in the face. A few tears are shed before I reply. '@darbyxo_ I miss you like crazy, come to England to visit?' I write but then I delete it. '@darbyxo_ I miss you like crazy Darby! I still haven't forgotten you #iloveyou' I press send. The past week has been really hard. We've been recording alot for our new album, Take Me Home, and I've been so distracted by Darby, and I always find myself thinking about her and our summer. '@Harry_Styles #iloveyoutoo' I begin to breathe again. ~ Darby's POV "Hey, girls!" Danielle and Lauren say when me and Kat walk into their apartment. Dani and Lauren are mine and Kat's best friends. "This is an amazing place!" Kat says, and starts looking around. We all sit down on the couch and start watching a movie. We watch Love Actually. After the movie we just talk about everything, boys mostly. "So Darb, what happened with you and Harry?" Dani asks. I see Kat waving her arms to tell her to stop in my perriferal vision. "Oh uh.. he's been gone for almost 7 months.." I say, looking down. "So, he isn't going to come visit or anything?" Lauren says. "We agreed a while ago that we should move on and.. yeah." I say, "I-I'm sorry." I run out of the apartment, and outside. The cool March air hits my face, and I inhale as much of it as I can. I dial his number and pray that he'll answer. "H-hello?" I hear his familiar voice through the receiver. "Harry? It's uh Darby." There is silence on the other side. Harry's POV I can't even breathe. I thought I would never here that voice again. "Oh, h-how's everything going?" I ask. "Uh, good. I just wanted to uh.. hear your voice." Darby says. I feel myself blush. It's like I have brand new feelings for her, and the butterflies I thought were gone for good, come back after being away for almost 7 months. "Okay, well. I uh have to get some rest, so uh yeah goodnight." I say. "Night." I hear, and the end goes dead. I begin to cry, because all the feelings I was trying to avoid to feel for Darby, all come back to me, and hit me like a brick. I call back, "H-hello?" I say, my voice shaking from the tears. "Harry?" I hear. "W-wanna come over?" I say, laughing a bit. I hear a laugh through the phone, "Sure, Harry." Darby's laugh fills the phone, and I smile at the pleasant sound of it. *Author's Note* I hope this chapter made up for the other short one. What do you think will happen? I'lll probably update tomorrow or the day after Love you all xx
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