Like Crazy

When One Direction come to America for vacation, Harry meets a girl named Darby. They fall inlove, but when it's time for Harry to go back to England, how will they make their long distance relationship last?


3. First Time


Harry's POV Me and Darby spent all of our time together, through the whole summer. We went to the beach, and the carnival, and the arcade. Practically everywhere. Today I brought her to hang out with me and the boys. "Hey Darby!" they all say, when we walk into the house we rented out for the summer. "Hey boys!" she says with a smile. We all go sit down in the lounge room, and Louis gets everyone a beer. "The legal age is 21 though. I'm only 17." she says, when Louis hands her the beer. "Oh come on. Like you haven't gotten drunk before." he says. "I have.." she says with a smile, and takes a sip from the bottle. We end up getting out stronger stuff, and by the time it gets dark, we're pissed. I piggyback Darby to my room, and drop her on my bed. She giggles as I tickle her. I throw myself down next to her, and I kiss her. After a few minutes our shirts are off, and I feel her hands exploring my back. She plays with the zipper of my jeans, and those end up coming off. Darby's POV Harry's fingers dance over the straps of my bra, and he unhooks it. It gets thrown into the pile of clothes on the side of the bed. After another few minutes, all of our clothes are off. Harry looks at me, and all I do is nod. He enters me. At first it hurts alot and a little scream escapes my lips. I dig my nails into Harry's back, but the pain is soon subsided with pure pleasure. A moan escapes me, and I feel Harry smile against my skin. He starts kissing my lips then works his way down to my navel. I have a piercing there, and he touches it lightly. I get goosebumps all over my body as Harry places feather-light kisses all over me. He pulls himself out of me, and we lay next to each other, a thin sheet covering us. He wraps his arms around me, and like that we fall asleep. Louis POV "We are they? It's already 11am, they should be up!" Zayn says. "I'll go wale them up." I say, and head to Harry's room. I open the door and find them sleeping. Harry has his arm wrapped around Darby, and it looks like they're naked. "Hey, love birds! Wake up!" I yell, and Harry's eyes open. He looks at me then blushes slightly. I leave the room and go to the kitchen. "Guess what Harry and Darby did last night!" I say, when I walk in. All the boys look up at me, and I smile, and they understand right away. Darby's POV "Good morning beautiful." Harry says, as I open my eyes. I realize that I'm naked and I smile at the memory of last night. I kiss Harry lightly on the lips. "Darby, what are we going to do when I have to go back?" Harry whispers. I finger one of his curls. "Don't think about that, we still have plenty of time. Okay." I tell him. "I know it's just.. Yeah, I know." he says, and kisses me. We put some clothes on and go to the kitchen. When we walk in, all the boys are smiling at us. "What?" I ask, but I look over at Harry and he blushes. "Oh they know.." I say. Harry just nods his head. All the boys burst out in laughter, as me and Harry sit down awkwardly. We spend the rest of the day just relaxing because all of us are hungover from last night. Me and Harry watch a movie, when the boys go outside for a swim in the backyard. We watch Love Actually, Harry's favorite movie. *Author's Note* sorry this was a short chapter. I hope everyone is liking this so far?! Feedback, critism, comments are very much appreciated. what would you like to see in this fanfic? love you all xx
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