Chapter 3: Aaron


1. Aaron

Aaron opened his eyes and jolted his body upwards in chock of the loud noise coming from the kitchen downstairs. His mom was making breakfast. The mouth watering smell of bacon seeped in through his bedroom door. The blinds were down, though light still managed to shine through the small cracks, creating interesting shadows on the hard wooden floor. Aaron had just moved from San Francisco,  the big city. He was still adjusting to living in a small town, everything being so close to each other and everyone knowing about everyone. Word got around quickly about the new kid. Him. ''Great old Cherry Hill Village,'' he thought sarcastically. He got out of bed, and slipped on a grey t-shirt since he had been sleeping shirtless. Unopened boxes were scattered across the room, plain white walls gave the room a boring feel. He didn't like it, he loved making things his own and very personal. And this room was the opposite. Of course he was planning on using the end of his summer on organizing his things, unpacking boxes and putting up his old posters on the walls, he even thought of painting one wall blue, his favorite color. But because it took a longer time than the family expected to get everything out of their old house, the move was delayed and he had only got here three days ago. His summer had been the worst experience ever. Firstly, he said goodbye to his old friends, ex, his school, his neighbors, spending hours every summer day at the skate park with his buddies, playing hilarious prank calls on Ms. Burke who eventually threatened to call the police on him, so he stopped doing that a while ago. Going down to Domino's Pizza with his friends to annoy and tease his big sister Margot who worked there and mostly, saying goodbye to his best friend Max whom he'd known since kindergarten. Since the very first day they met, they did everything together. They had a special bond that not even their parents understood, they had always been inseparable until now. His whole childhood was gone, it all happened so fast. While brushing his teeth, Aaron repeated the last day in San Fran, at the airport. When he and Max said there last goodbyes, Aaron biting his lip so hard trying to hold in his tears. Walking further and further away from Max while him waving, giving a fake smile. He knew Max was trying hard not to look unhappy. Aaron looked in the mirror to see a big frown on his face. His green eyes were watery which gave them a shining effect. His chestnut brown hair looked dirty and messy and he desperately needed a shave. Honestly, he wasn't excited about the first day of school but he wasn't unhappy about it either, He didn't really care. It would never be as good as the life he used to have. He quickly shaved and his face looked much fresher than before. He at least wanted to look decent for the first day, there might be a few hot chicks to impress. He brushed his teeth and walked over to one of the boxes that had big black letters on the front saying ''A-Clothes'' and picked out some denim jeans, a white v neck t-shirt and his favorite gray beanie which he would always wear on the coldest days in San Fran. He slipped them on, grabbed his navy blue hoodie hanging on the door knob and ran downstairs into the kitchen to find his mom and sister already half way through their breakfast. Aaron grabbed the pancakes and poured a tremendous amount of syrup on top, then stacked a few pieces of bacon next to it on his plate. It finally occurred to him, that he was going to have to make a new life here and try to make friends. Butterflies slowly filled his stomach causing him to loose his appetite. Although he kept telling himself he shouldn't even try, because he'll never fit in and nobody from this dumb little town will understand him and like the same things as him, he still had a gut filling that today, he was going to kick some ass. 

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