Jasmin is going to LA with her best friend for a one direction concert. What happens when she gets stuck on an elevator with them for who knows how ling?!;)


13. Chapter 9


Last night was horrible! I could not feel my balls! Literally! But it was fun at the same time. Like i think im falling for her. Hard. I woke up and she was in my arms. Right where i want her. Forever. But it all ended to soon.' Morning Niall! Do you want some pancakes?! Im pretty hungry." She said yawning. She got up but i wanted to so badly pull her closer. "Um.. yeah im hungry. Thanks love." I say. I get up, brush my teeth and go into the kitchen. She already made like 15 pancakes! " WOW! You are one hell of a cook!" I say. She laughs. Oh that laugh. "You havent even tried them!" She says. "But the smell like heaven!!" I shout. We both broke down to laughter. I dig in and holy shit. THEY WERE FUCKING AMAZING!!! "Jasmin!!!! THESE ARE THE WORLD BEST TASTING PANCAKES!!!" I yell. she blushes. :Thanks Nialler! IT means a lot coming out of the boy who eats like an elaphant!" That should have hurt...but it didnt! I laughed.  Soon we were stuffed with pancakes. "Lets go with the boys yeah?" She asked.|No. I wanted her just for me.I nodded. We walked over to the boys room and walked in. They were all watching tv. "HEY GUYS!!!" Jasmine said with the most amazing smile. Everyone looked up and smile except for Zayn. He looked up and frowend. "Really?!" He shouted and left to one of the rooms. WTF?!


Really!? he shouted and walked to one of the rooms. What? I ran after him. "Zayn. Open the door.Now" I say. 'Why!" She yells. FIne be that way. I grabed a bobby pin from my hair and pick the lock. Zayn is sitting on the bed with his head in his hands. "Zayn please tell me whats wrong!" I beg. he looks at me. "I tought you were with Harry. and i said.. if you guys dont work out im her. and what do you do?! Next thing i know you and Niall slept together!" He said. Oh god. "Zayn...its totally different!" I explain to him what had actually happend. "Im sorry. I should have asked before assuming." He said shyly. I lift his face up and gave him a kiss on the cheek. SPARKS! I certanly did feel this when i kissed Harry's cheeks. Could this mean something?! What am i going to do!?!?



I Know.. It short and sucky. But its going to keep being like this since no one likes this! Sorry! But that just how its going to be! I still love you thought!! Thanks for reading! Oh and if you have any stories that you want me to read i will! I will like them too! Thanks babes!!

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