Jasmin is going to LA with her best friend for a one direction concert. What happens when she gets stuck on an elevator with them for who knows how ling?!;)


9. Chapter 8

Ok. So here's my plan. I'm going to wait until Niall falls asleep. Step 2: write 'my bitch' on his forehead. Step 3: write all over him in red sharpie. Step 3: spray his hair pink. Step 5: take pictures. Step 6: put ice cubes in his boxers. Step 7: run like hell. Pretty good plan right!? "What are you thinking about?" Niall asked studying me. Haha he wishes I could tell him! "Just wondering what movie to watch." I lie. He shruggs and goes into the kitchen. Again. "How about nemo?!" I say. I LOVE THAT MOVIE!! don't judge:/. "Haha ok. " he makes some popcorn and we watch the movie. Towards the end I hear him slightly snoring. Aww! Mwuahahaha!!! That's an evil laugh by the way! Ok. Sharpie...check......ice.....check...pink hair spray....check...running shoes.....check. I go over to him and write 'my bitch' on his forehead. Since he didn't have a shirt.... I doodled on him like if he was a sketch pad. I drew all the boys..... I took my time as well! I also drew a leprechaun sliding down a rainbow leading into a pot of gold. Lol I know!! GENIOUS!! anyways. When I was done I took the spray and sprayed his hair. He kept moving so it was kinda hard. I finally managed to get pretty much all his hair. Ok now for the ice. I quickly put on my shoes. I grabbed the cup filled with ice. I lifted up his boxers.....WHILE NOT LOOKING!! cuz I'm not a perv! And dumped the cup in there. That did it! He got up faster than I thought and started screaming. I don't think he saw me until I started laughing. He shook the ice off and started to sprint towards me!! shit! I sprint towards the door and open it as soon as I can. I go towards the stairs. "JAZ!! MY BALLS ARE FREEZING TO DEATH!! IM GONNA GET YOU!" I hear Niall yell coming closer. I run down to the lobby. "Miss.....Where the pool!?" I ask the front desk lady while catching my breath. She looks at me funny and point to the right. I nod my thank you and sprint to the pool. I hear Niall as the lady where I went. Fuck. I hid under the lawn chair. I see him come out and stands in front of my chair, his back facing me. I quietly got up and pushed him into the pool. He screamed like a little girl. I was now rolling on the floor crying of laughter. "JAZMIN YOU ARE DEAD!!" he screamed and got out of the floor. I tried getting up but I was so out of breath I just fell back down. "Oh look! Whoa got you now sucker!?" he says while picking me up and jumping in the pool with me in his arms. "AHHHHHH! THE WATER US FREZZING " I well. "And so were my balls!!" he screamed. "You deserved it!! You didn't help me when Harry was tickling me!!" I scream as I cuddle with him. It's cold. "Sorry!! I was to busy laughing!!" he says back. Whatever. I just glare at him. "C'mon. Let's go inside before we get sick." I just nod but as I tried walking, my legs were so coldthat they failed to carry me. Niall just picked me up bridal style and went to our room. "go take a hit shower and just cool down for a bit." he wispered to me. I nosed and left to the bathroom. The hot water running through my body felt amazing! I got out and remembered that I forgot my clothes. Shit. "Niall?!" I say. "yes love? " he says through the door. "I kinda forgot my clothes.....can you hand ms some?" I asked a little embarrassed. He chuckles. "Of course babe." I hear shuffling and finally he comes in. "here you go sweetheart." he says looking at me. I grabbed the clothes and shoed him out. I change quickly and found him laying on the bed snoring slightly. I guess he was tired! I climes into bed with him and instintaniously he slimmed his arm around my waist. Soon his steady heart beat led me into a deep sleep.
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