Jasmin is going to LA with her best friend for a one direction concert. What happens when she gets stuck on an elevator with them for who knows how ling?!;)


8. Chapter 7

"I thi k we should go check on the boys and Vici." I say. Tonight was amazing! We got to their room and just walk in. Everyone is sleeping except for Niall. He's just eating in the kitchen. Figures. I see Harry taking pictures of everyone and posting them on twitter. "Hey Niall! Just wanted to say hi!" I whisper yell. "Hi!" he says back. "Whatcha making?" I slask as he's digging in the fridge. "A sandwich.... Do you guys want one?" he asked Harry and I. "No thanks bud! We just ate. The plates were huge!" Harry says. I want one!! "Um Niall? Can you please make me one?" I ask. Hopng he'll say yes. "But love, we just ate! The servings were huge!?" Harry asked surprised. Ha. "Well Curlz. Something else to know about me is that I eat a lot!" I say kind of embarrassed. "but you so small!!" he says surprised. It's true. I'm like 95 pounds and I'm 18. "I love you already!!" Niall yells while giving me a kiss on the cheek. Harry just glares. I hide my giggles. You know.... That's a weird word. GIGGLES!!! "Hey Niall is it ok if Vici sleeps in here tonight? She looks comfortable." I say. She like snuggling into Zayn. But he's just facing the other way. "Um yeah. I'll just sleep on the floor." what!? "Aww no it's okay I have an extra bed in my room! You can sleep in there!!" I say more than ask. "Yeah sure I'll be there in a lil!" he says. I notice Harry a little mad. We leave and he walks me to my room."What's wrong?" I ask. He was happy just a while ago. " Nothing I'm fine! Goodnight babe!" he says while kissing my cheek. Surprisingly.... I didn't feel anything. Just lips. He walks off. I go inside and change into some spandex and a spots bra. Then I hear a knock. Shit! I forgot about Niall! " Hey-wow what are you wearing?" he asked. I blush. "I uh... Well before I go to sleep I workout a little... I totally forgot you were coming!" I say. He just chuckles. "It's fine. But do we really need to workout?!" he whines. "No. I'll make an exception fir the cutetest leprechaun in the world " I say. He just sticks his tongue out. "Eww Niall! Put you tongue back in your mouth! " I yell. You fouls hear Harry cursing on the other side of the wall. IDEA!!! "Niall take you pants off leave your boxers on though." I say. He already have a shirt. He's really nice. Just saying! H looks qt me confused. "I have an Idea." I whisper. He sat infront of me on the bed. "*moan* oh Niall!! I didn't know you were like this!! *moan* I like it!!" I say loud enough for Harry to hear. Niall caught on and started to kiss his arm loud and it sounded like he was kissing on my neck. Harry slams his door and storms into mine. " WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" he yells directly to Niall. We are both laughing and rolling on the floor. I think I'm crying. His face was just priceless. "Sorry Harry! It was her idea!" Niall says through laughs. I just look at Harry and he has a smirk on his face. Oh shit!! I get up and run but I'm to late. He has me in his arms and tickles me! "HARRY!!.....STOP.....IM GOING TO PEE!!!!!" that worked he just back away. "Oh it's on styles! Sleep with one eye open!" I yell trying to catch my breath. Niall is just laughing. Harry runs out and locks his door. Serves him right!! Oh Nialls gonna get it tonight! I just hope he's a heavy sleeper;)
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