Jasmin is going to LA with her best friend for a one direction concert. What happens when she gets stuck on an elevator with them for who knows how ling?!;)


7. Chapter 6


We are linked with our arms heading over to.....a limo? "Wow harry! You dint have to jet a limo!" I say. I wasn't used to all the attention he gave me. "No. I didn't have to but I wanted too!" he says. Wow. How did a girl like me go from a Texas girl to going on a date with Harry styles. "Ladies first!" he says as he opens the door. We enter the limo and it was amazing. He whispered something to the driver. He then nodded and began to drive. "Harry? Where are we going?" I ask curiously. He laughs for a bit. "Its a secret " he whispers. I just roll my eyes. "Ok if you won't tell me, let's just talk!" I say not knowing what to do. "okay. " he said pouring some soda in a cup. He hands me one. "thank you.... Anyways.. What's the REALL Harry styles like? I know that the Internet and magazines tell us things but I actually want to know YOU!" I say. He looked kind of surprised that I asked that? Why? I have no clue. For the rest of the ride we joked. We laughed. We sang. We got to know Alot about each other as well. "Were here!" he yells. I smile and get out of the limo running to the door. He just laughs at me. "Calm down Missy!" he jokes. I respond by sticking my tounge out at him. Jerk. Jk jk. The whole restaurant was empty. Did he reserve this so we caulk be left alone?! How sweet!! "Harry. You didn't have to do all of this. Just a little restaurant would have been fine. " I say. I did t want to take advantage of him being famous and all. He just smiles and opens the door. "Aahhh. Mr.Styles! Good to have you back! Now who is this beautiful girl you have today?" he ask in an Italian accent? Yeah I think so. "Luigi!! Good to see you too! This is Jasmine. Jasmine Luigi !" he says introducing us. "Very nice to meet you! You are very pretty!" Luigi says. He's much older so I don't feel intimitmdated. I just slightly blush. He led us to a beautiful table with rose petals and candles. He ordered our food and justly had fun. I didn't think dates were this fun! We headed back home after a couple hours. "Harry, thank you so much for everything you've done. I just feel like I'm taking advantage of you when you do things like that." I say. It really does. "Love, i do fuese things because i want to. Dont blame yourself you didnt ask for anything. And no problema it was my pleasure." he said. Wow he truly was amazing. Inside and out. I'm I falling for him? I don't know?!?
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