Jasmin is going to LA with her best friend for a one direction concert. What happens when she gets stuck on an elevator with them for who knows how ling?!;)


6. Chapter 5

What?! Me and Harry? Never going to happen. He's FAMOUSE. I'm just a girl from Texas. I decided to reply back.
To: Zayn;)<3
-thank you and me and Harry? I doubt he likes me like that but I'll make sure to call you;) lol jk see ya later pretty boi!!-
Yes I know I'm weird.... But I don't give a shit! Anyways I say my goodbyes and tell Vici to behave. I am now heading over to Harrys room.


wow. She really did look amazing. She was funny,sweet,beautiful, and she was just fun to be with. Her friend is already getting on my nerve. She can't stop screaming. I love outlr fans because without them were nothing but I mean really? Were just a couple of regular guys. I just hope Harry and her dont get kn with it. I mean not to be mean.... But I kinda like her...Alot. Is that weird?


I'm about to go to her room and pick her up when I hear a knock on my door. "Coming" I shout. I open the door to find this beautiful girl with a huge smile on her face. "Wow!" was all I manage to say. She did look beautiful... Inside and out. "Well you don't look to bad yourself curlz!" she says. I find myself blushing Alot when she's around. "Are you ready?" I ask holding out my arm. She links arms with me. "Yeah I think so.." she says with a smile. I can tell this is going to be one of the best nights of my life... I just hope she has the same feeling for me as I do for her.....
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