Jasmin is going to LA with her best friend for a one direction concert. What happens when she gets stuck on an elevator with them for who knows how ling?!;)


5. Chapter 4

I walk back to my room thinking about everything that has happened. "Jazz!! Hurry up!let's go!! We need to go shopping!" Vici yells as I walk in. "Uggghh!!! I don't want to. I just want to stay here and go to sleep!" I say pretending like nothing happened. "What?! You have a date with THE Harry Styles, and you want to sleep?!" she asked confused. "Oh right I have a date tonight... Totally forgot. " I say rolling my eyes. You could hear someone on the other side of the wall chuckling. Harry. "Shut it Styles ior no date!" I yell. Surprisingly he stopped! "What?! He's next door?!" vici yells for like the 50th time today. I nod my head. "Harry.. Jazzy is being stubborn. I think you should come over and help me!" she yells obviously just trying to meet him. There's a knock at the door not even a minute later. "Thanks for the pizz- oh it's just you..." I say jokingly. "what!? You don't want me here?" he says with a pout on his face. Awww. "Ofcourse I want you here!" I say petting his head like a puppy. "Is that Harry?!" vici yells from the kitchen. Yes our hotel room has a kitchen. "no it's just a really cute pizza guy!" I yell back. "you just called me cute!" Harry yells. "I called the pizza guy cute.... Are you the pizza guy?" I say back. He just turns around with his shoulders slouched and walks really slowly back. "No Harry wait!" I say he straightens out and comes back running. "You forgot your tip!" I say then pecking his cheeks. He blushes madly. I giggle. "Your so cute when you giggle!" she says. It's my turn to blush now. "Thanks but shew!! I need to get ready!!" I say closing the door in him. "Did you just shut the door in his face?!" Vici yells. AGAIN. "Yes.. Now let's go!!" I say grabbing my purse. (skipping shopping trip... Mostly consisted of messing with people, trying on dresses, playing hide and seek, and well anything basically) " Jazz!!! You look amazing!" she gasped. "Well thank you! You picked it out!" I say. She smiles like she's proud of herself. "Well ima go ask the rest of the boys what they think.... Wanna come?" "OMG!!duh!! I'll be over in a minute...." she says running of to te bathroom. I walk to the boys room. "Ah.. J see you came back to take back that offer righ-" Louis almost says as he opens the door. He's just staring at me. CREEP! "Louis.... You okay?" j ask shaking him."Yeah you just look... Wow!" I blush. As you can tell I tend to blush Alot. He opens the door more so i can go through. "Wow!" The boys say in unision. "So I take that as yes this looks good?" "it dosent look good.... You look stunning babe!" Zany yells. "Thanks anyways... Is it ok if my friend hangs with y'all while I go out?" k ask making sure they are okay with it? "Duh! Is she pretty like you?" Zayn asked. Oh zayn. "Yes she is but waaayyy pretier!" I say truthfully. I mean I don't even think I'm pretty. "Sorry but I don't think that's possible love !" Louis says. "Jazz? Jazz where are you?" I hear someone yell. "Over here babe!!!" I yell back. "Guys this is my friend Vici....Vici the boys!" I introduced.then j got a text on my crappy phone.
-Your right! She's pretty. But not as pretty as you! If you and Harry don't work out... Call me;) I'm yours;)
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