Jasmin is going to LA with her best friend for a one direction concert. What happens when she gets stuck on an elevator with them for who knows how ling?!;)


4. Chapter 3

Jazz point of view
Where am I? Wow that's some interesting dream! I wish I could actually meet them! Wait..... This isent my room. "Goodmorning sleeping beauty!" a husky voice said. "Well your not Vici are you? Where am I?" I ask. So it wasn't a dream. "well the elevator was working afer an hour and the boys didn't want to wake you so we carried you to my room. I hope you don't mind?" What! Me sleeping in Harrys bed.....with Harry?! Wow. "No but thank you so muc....Vici!! Omg I need to call her!!" what will she think. "it's ok love. I already did. I called her last night and told her you were staying over. " Aww that's sweet of him! "Thank you aging styles!! Did she frak out when you told her who you were?!" I bet she did cause ya know...she's my best friend.. I know EVERYTHING!! "Yes actually Alot but I'm used to it sorta.... She so told me you bought her tickets to see us?" yup. Typical vici. "Yeah she's like inlove with you guys. So being the best friend.. I bought her tickets!" I say with a smile. "well I gave her a gift if you don't mind. Front row tickets actually.." "What!? Harry you don't have to do that! It's fine!!" I say. How can he just do that to some girl he docent even know?! "Well I kinda already made a deal with her so yeah.." Shit. I'm screwed. "What kind of deal may I ask?" this is going to be horrible I just know it. "If she can get you ready by 7 to ight to go on a date with me, the tickets are hers." or not... Wait I'm going on a date with Harry? Oh no... he can't get me that fast. "Idk I think I had plans today... " I say looking not interested. "Vici said you had NOTHING planned today. Are you lying Missy?!" aww he looked cute all fake angry. "you know, just cuz your HARRY STYLES does not mean you can any girl like that. " I say snapping my fingers. "oh really?" he says with a smirk. Before I could think he comes running towards me and picks me up bridal style. "I think I can!" he says. "Harry that's not fair...RAPE!!" I yell. "It's nit rape if you like it!!" he says while raising his eyebrows multiple times. "ewe Harry!! Your so gross!!" I say trying to get out of his grip but failing. "please Harry!!!" I say putting the best puppy dog face I could. "Alright. But only because you look adorable!" I blushed so hard I bet steam was coming off my face. "Thank you. Now where are allthe boys so I can say thank you?" "Across the hall!" I open the door and head to the boys. I know 3 times. "Guys the pizzas here!" Who orders pizza at 10 in the morning?! Niall. Duh. "Thanks for the pizz-" he says while answering the door. "Sorry Nialler.... I'm not the pizza guy." he blushes a little at his mistake. "Nope your way better!" I heard Zayn yell from inside. I blush at this too. "well just wanted to say thanks for everything and if y'all need anything I'm in 502 which is..... Right next to harrys room!" I say noticing were neighbors. "ANYTHING!?!" Louis asked pervertavly. "Ewww Louis!!! Okay maybe not anything but you know what I meant!!!" I say laughing. Theesr boys....
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