Jasmin is going to LA with her best friend for a one direction concert. What happens when she gets stuck on an elevator with them for who knows how ling?!;)


2. Chapter 2

"Are you guys okay?" Liam asked flashing his light around. Once the light hit me everyone just stoped and stared. Was there something in my face?! I cough to make them snap out of it. Nope. Didn't work. "Are you guys okay" I ask. "wow" was all Louis said. "well I'm Jasmine!" I say trying to change the subject. "Hello Jasmine!" They said in unison. I giggled. "Sorry for staring at you like creeps....but u think we can all agree that your very beautiful!" Liam apologized. Were theses boys serious? ". Thanks but you guys don't have to lie...". All my life I have been called ugly and dork and things like that. After a while you kinda start to believe it! "What do mean lie?" Niall asked. "Well I know I'm not pretty or even close so I know y'all are lying..." I say back. "You don't think your pretty?! Gggguuurrrlll!!! You are not pretty.... You are alot better than pretty your beautiful!" Louis said adding his little sass to it. I could I was blushing. "Well love I think you know who we are or do we have to introduce ourselves?" Harry asked flashing his million dollar smile. "Um.. Your in that band.. One..... Direction right?" I asked trying to play it cool. I mean I liked their music I just wasn't a huge fan. "Yep! And now here we are stuck in an elevator!!" Zany says. Right then my phone started ringing. Vici. "Hello?" "omg jazz I'm so scared!! Where are you? Are you okay?" She asked all to quickly. "Slow down there chica... Yes I'm okay I'm stuck in an elevator but I'll be fine! Now are you okay do you need anything?" I ask. We were basically sisters and I would do anything for her. "Jazz will you please sing to me? I know you don't like to sing when I'm around but I've heard you a few times and it just calms me down. Pwweeasss!!!" okay maybe not anything. The boys looked at me kinda funny. Shit. I forgot I had her on speaker. "you can sing?!" Harry mouthed. "no" I mouthed back. He rolled his eyes. "okay fine but you owe me one. What song would you like?" she thought for a moment. "I like how you sing 'Moments' si that one please!" she said. How am I supposedto sing their song infront of them? I do t wanna embarase myself!! I start to sing. By the time I finish I could only here some snores. I hung up. Everyone was sleeping! "you sounded amazing!" someone whispered. Harry. "what's with all this lying?" I asked seriously. "what makes you think so bad of yourself?" should I tell him all my problems? "well I just had a very hard life. " I say nit wanting to say more. He just nods. "Well I'm certainly telling you the truth. I would never lie to a girl like you!" wow was he doing this because he felt bad? Probably I mean why would he talk to you in the first place? Your just some ugly girl on vacation. "You look tired why don't you lay down Ill wake you up when this thing starts to work again" He said with the most kind hearted look. Maybe inwas safe with him. That's all I remember when my eyes felt like weights and I drifted off to sleep.

Harrys Point Of View

Wow. This girl is the most amazing girl in the world. I know people think I'm some kind of one night thing but this girls different. The way she's so insecure it makes me want to let her know all the things she is. Harry stop it! You only alkyd to her for like 5 minutes!
Was I already falling for this girl? Does she like me too?!
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