Jasmin is going to LA with her best friend for a one direction concert. What happens when she gets stuck on an elevator with them for who knows how ling?!;)


18. Chapter 14


Lou had challenged Jaz and hes got everything to lose. Ithe only one she told about her past and she defenatly has got the moves. The rest of the ride back i did not talk at all while the others were acting like their crazy selfs. We got back to the hotel. "Ok well to thank all of you boys...I am inviting you to diner at my place. i am only the best chef in the world!" She says unlocking the door. Then she gasped. "What is it love?" Zayn said stepping in. The room was a disaster. The place was fliped upsidedown...literally. She reaches for a pice of paper that was on the kitchen counter. Who the hell did this?!


'Hey bitch! I told you to back off and you didnt but then you embarrased me infront of all those people plus the boys?! Yeah. No. this wont be the last of seing me! Hope your happy with what you've done. Just be carful....i'll be watching!'

What. The. Hell. Its not my fault she decided to try and punch me! I just roll my eyes at her stupidness. "What is it?" Zayn asked. He's so protective...its kinda cute. I hand him the note. "What kind of best friend is she?! You deserve way better. Here..the boys will help clean up. Im sorry babe." He said very annoyed. I giggled. "Even in the most terrible times you tend to giggle. How do you do that?" He asked. "Well its kinda funny seing you go off like that.. just saying!" I say. he glares at me. "Ok boys clean up as fast as you can so I can make dinner!" I yell. Niall was the first one cleaning. Boys. "Hey Jaz? Can I talk to you?" Harry says behind me. I turn around. "Yeah whats up?" i ask. he leads me to the other room. "Um well i know we just kinda met but i really like you....and all i want to know is if you like me back... maybe we can start something.." ?!?!?!?! "Harry...I literally just met you. we went out to dinner once..and you expect me to tell you something like that? Im not that type of girl thats..'oh! its HARRY STYLES! how can i say no?!' yeah i actually want to get to know the guy no matter who you are...Im sorry Harry but....no..." I say putting my head down. He looked a bit shocked and sad. "I understand.. im sorry.. forgive and forget?" He asked trying to smile. I smiled to .."Forgive and forget!" I say hugging him. I walk out to see the whole place just like it was. Nice and Neat! "Wow you guys clean up fast!" I say looking at the boys. "Well nothing...and I mean nothing gets in between Niall and his diner..even if he has to clean." Lou said. I managed to laugh. "Ok well you guys just relax and i'll be in the kitchen!" I yell. I hear someone follow me and quickle turn around. "Wow. Not only do you have mad ninja skills but really good hearing too!" Zayn said. "I can hear your breathing. You were trying to keep it down though huh? Plus trying to tiptoe on tile doesent really work." I say smiling. "I guess so huh? Anyways.. im here to help with diner." He said sitting on the counter. "Well if you want to help...i dont think the food will taste very good if it taste like your butt now would it?" I ask looking at him. "Sorry...." He said looking down. "So what are you planning on making?!" He asked exitedly. "Oh nothing.. only my most famouse chicken alfredo!" I say taking out the ingridients. "wow. you can do so much. Like no kidding! Anyways..im actually here to ask you if you wanted to spend the whole day tomorrow with me? Maybe go to the park, site seeing...anything you want! What do ya say?" He asked with a bit of hope in his eyes. I smile. 'That would be amazing! Thanks!" I say hugging him. "Now get out of my kitchen before i make you get out!" I say with spatula in hand. He laughs. "Yes ma'am!" He saluted. Tomorrow is going to be AMAZING!!! I quickly get on with my things. As soon as it was done i set the table and each put a good amount of pasta with chicken. "BOYS!!!" I yell. Niall was the first one in and already trying to dig in. "Not so fast irish boy!" I say. Once everyone was seated. "Ok well i just wanted to thank all of you guys for what a really god time i have been having. Even with this whole best friend thing.. you guys always make me smile. so heres a little thank you! I hope you guys like it!! Ok now you may dig in Nialler!" I say winking. We all started eating as soon as Niall moaned. "This is REALLY good...." He said with a mouthful. "Thanks buddy!" I say. Dinner was mostly quite while we ate. Soon all the boys were going to bed. "Goodnight Jaz. And thanks for dinner!" They all said. "Thanks Jaz. It was really good. And looking foward to tomorrow. Night babe." Zayn said while pecking my cheek. I blushed so bad that he chuckled. "No problem.. and me too." I say closing the door. "Me too" I whisper. Gosh im really falling for him.

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