Jasmin is going to LA with her best friend for a one direction concert. What happens when she gets stuck on an elevator with them for who knows how ling?!;)


17. Chapter 13


I cant beleive she embarassed me like that infront of all thoses people! Shes gonna get it all right...And she will never forget who i was. FOR SURE!



Jaz had some pretty cool moves! I mean all our fans were clapping! I soon see her and Zayn walking towards the table. I smile but instantly turn it to a frown when she sits on Zayn. Why do i have to be so stupid?! I mean I really do like her..but if i really did..why didnt i go after her instead of Zayn? My feelings are so mixed up right now.. Even the fans can tell. Every single one of them is asking me if im ok, or if i feel, good. No. I feel like a complete jerk. Im going to win Jaz back. Even if its the last thing i do.


Zayns point of view

The signing went well execpt for that one girl. But Jaz handled it pretty good! Harry hasent talked to anyone since. we run through the screaming fans outside to get into the car. "How do you guys do this?!" Jaz says exhausted. "Well.. we arent exactly used to it either..but we cope with it." Liam says. She simply nods. "Well thnaks for bringing me guys! It was pretty fun!" She hugged all of us. Shes so considerate! This girl is just something else! "No problem.....but where do you think Victoria went?" Lou asked. Why would he ask something lke that! She was her best friend! Im not so sure now.."Um im not sure but she wasent a very good best friend so the spots open if anyones interested!" She said jokingly. "Ouh! PICK ME! PICK ME! PICK ME!" Lou yells. she flinches a bit. "Ok but try not to punch me in the face cause things wont go your way got it?" She says glaring at him. Louis laughs histerically. "Like a girl could beat me up!" He says between laughs. "Try me!" Jaz challenges. Harry smiles faintly. Does he know something i dont? "Hah! But i dont want to hurt little miss Jaz!" Louis says. "As if! I dont think i'll be the one getting hurt! Tomorrow...4 o'clock my room, bring some pads...your gonna need them!" She said. We all laughed and Lou turned serious. "You werent kidding?!" He asked. "Dont worry! Its not like a girl can hurt you right?!" She micked louis. "Yeah...yeah just dont cry ok?" Louis said facing the front. "You got some guts girl!" I say. She giggles. "I dont think i need them!" She says pointing at louis. I laugh. I wonder how things will go tomorrow.






(Hey guys! I havent updated in forever! Im sorry! But anyways.......this is just like a filler kinda...not very interesting! Anyways i have huge news! Im getting a porsche for my 16th!!! Im super exited! Well thats all guys! Love you!!)


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