Jasmin is going to LA with her best friend for a one direction concert. What happens when she gets stuck on an elevator with them for who knows how ling?!;)


16. Chapter 12


What is taking them so long! I wonder what their--Oh here them come! Wait..."What the hell are you doing! I dont you to back off!!!" I yell as I see him with his arm around her waist. "And i tild you that i was not going to! Besides..She deserves better than you!" HE yells back. Im a bit stunned that he yelled back. Zayns not that kind of person. "Oh ok! And i suppose your better?!" I yell back. By now everyone at the front of the room which is only the fron tdesk lady and a couple of older people are starring at us. "Yes! Yes i am! I dont think you ran after her when she got off the car running to the bathroom crying did you? You havent even asked if shes ok! That just shows that you really dont care for her! And she doesnt deserve to get riped into pieces like those other girls you were with!" He yelld. Then he walked her over to the signing thing was going to be. Did i just lose one of my best friends for a stupid girl?! WTF am i saying! Ok so I'll admit it. She does deserve way better. Zayn ended our frienship for her! Why didnt i go after her?!Im sooo stupid. I walk towards the table and sit down. the boys are there also. Jaz and Vici are behind a poster where we could see them. Instantly the girls went nuts over us.Soon the line was speeding up and we were signing things. This is the worst day in my life.


They boys started to sign the fans things when sdenly Vici comes up to me. "I told you to back off!" She said. I rolled my eyes and looked at her. "Dont you roll you eyes at me!" She yelled. I rolled my eyes once more. "I know i said i would back off..but Zayn just confessed that you two hads NOTHING! Ok so i may talk to whoever i want whenever I want whitout YOU telling me to do got it?" I stood up for myself. It felt pretty good to. She really wasent expecting either. I saw her fist rise up ready to punch me. Pl--ease! Did she not remember? " I would do that if i were you." I said pointing to her fist. "Watch me!" She yelled and trew a fist in my direction. Bad mistake missy. I cought it like nothing. "I told you not to!" I said. She screamed in anger and threw another punch with her other hand. I cought it again...."Vici just stop. I dont want to hurt you!" I tried to make some sense to her. Nope didnt work. She tried to kick me but i cought her leg with my foot turn her back facing me and trip her so she fell to the ground with me holding her hand behind her back. "Now i suggest you stop. Get your crap. and go home before this gets any worse. Thanks for this little work out." I say letting her go. She looked at me and ran out. Who knows where she went but thank god shes not here. Soon i heard clapping and turned around. All the girls were clapping. Zayn came up to me and gave me a hug. "Am I missing something here?!" I asked confused.he looked at me. "Oh nothing just the way you stood for yourself. I mean you didnt even hit her! You have some guts! Where did you get those moves?" He asked. Not again. "Oh ok! Well thanks! And I'll tell you another time. Go back to the table! Your fans are waiting!" I say pushing him towards the table. "I will if you come with me! Please!!!" He begged. "I would but theres no chair for me!" I say as in excuse. "Well easy! You can sit on me! Problem solved! No c'mon!" He says leading me to the table. I sit on him and Harry just looks at me with a sad expression. Did i do something wrong?! Hes the one who fucked up! "Wow! Those were some pretty awesome moves! Are you with Zayn! OMG! Y'all are soo cute!!" A fan said. I smiled. "THanks!" I said ignoring the last part. She asked me to sign her poster as well. So i did. "Ew your so ugly! Why does Zayn even like you!?You dont deserve him! You ugly slut!" A girl said. I just stared at her for the longest time. "um hello?!" She said annoyed waving her hand in my face. "Oh sorry! I thought you thought that i was a mirror and you were talking about yourself. My bad." I said. Everyone oode. "Wow. You really can stand up for yourself huh?" Louis asked. "Im sorry about that...erm theres always one girl who does that.." Zayn explained. "It doesnt bother me at all. I mean Haters gonna hate right?" I ask jokingly. We both laughed. "az you are one special girl!" That made my tummy do some flps. I think im falling for him...HARD!

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