Jasmin is going to LA with her best friend for a one direction concert. What happens when she gets stuck on an elevator with them for who knows how ling?!;)


15. Chapter 11

Vici and I look at each other with a big smile! We run to our luggage and just throw something on. "Girlies! werre about to leave!" Louis yells. we made our way down. The boys being boys all howeld whisted except for Zayn. "you look stunning.. as always." Zay said looking directly at me. Butterflies were fluttering every where in my tummy! 'thanks.." I say blushing. He smiles even more. we soon walk out. Liam and Louis are in the front..Zayn hops in and i do after him then Niall Harry and Vici. I had to sit on Zayn and Vici on arry. "I Hope yu dont mind me sitting on top of you.." I say. He smiles. man this boy has an amazng smile. "No problem with me." He said. I say\t down. soon we were having little conversations by ourselves. Niall and Louis were having a disscussion over.. food? and I dont really know about the rest. "so how ha spending  a few days with One Direction been?" He asked trying to make small talk. "Well it been horrible.. their so stuck up! Especially th eone with the aesome hair!" I say mocking a stuck up girls voice. He looks at me wit the most sad face ever. "Omg zayn! I was just kidding! Youre an AMAZAYN person! I was joking!" I say worried. he soon laughs at me. "You should have seen your face! You, you beleived me!" He said through laughs. I glared at him playfully. "Dont do that! I though you were really sad!!" I say smacking his arm. we both looked at each other. "Im sorry." Zayn said. Ilooked at him and we both started laughing like idiots. Soon igot a ext from.. VICI?!

Victoru!(My mega super best friend!)

~ Back off of Zayn! Cant you see that I'm inlove with him! Dont you and Harry have a hting?! Seriously Jaz? The one guy i go for you go for him too?! Me and zayn have a thin gok? Plus you have the whole one direction looking at you! So just back of!!

What is she talking about? as soon as I stp reading it.. Zayn got a textand from the looks of it its not pretty. I quickly reply.

~First of all.. I dont have a thingwit Harry so I may talk to whoever I want.. Plus I dont havethem all looking at me. I just kinda talk to them moe because im not SHY! And Zany is one of my closets fiends C'mon Vici, I thought we were better than to fight over something stpid like a boy. But if this is how its going to be.. I will back off. Im sorry...~

I ever got in fights with her. and now shes telling me not to fucking talk to one of my closests friends? what he hell isshe thinking! I on the verge of tears and as soon as th ca stops I run to the nearest bathroom I find. Isit there and cry. why am i even friends with them. I dont deserve them. Soon i hear someone come in. "Jaz! whats wrong! You just ran out of the car!" Zayn said panting. he ran after me? I just shook my head. C'mon.. You can tell me anythig... Please.." he said with pleading eyes.  did trust him. More than i would have for a guy i just met. I took my phon eout and let him read the messages. what is he going to say?


I got a textfrom Harry as soon as Jaz did.

~Back off mate shes mine! You know I like her! And i almost neve serious aout a girl like this but i truely love her! I saw her first! And shes mine! Plus she likes me and has absolutly no feelings for you! OK? Jusy back off!~


~Mate, he does not need to be broken to pieces because you decide to play with her heart. yes i see how you just want a gir in bed and completly forget them the next day! she deserves way better! And see.. your already treing her like a trophy! 'Isaw her first' so wat? Shes not some.. thng you can just take.. you need to win her over.. and by the looks of it shes not that into you! Im not telling you to back off.. let her decide.. an of aything.. I will not back off.~

Well yeah.. i think this is our first fight. But its true. hes acting like shes a prize or something. she has feelings! As so as the car parks, Jaz runs out. I run after her yelling her name. I see herrun into the bathroom. I enter without caring. "jaz! whats wrong! You just ran out of the car!" I say panting from running after her. she just shakes herhead. "C'mon.. You cn tell me anything..please?" I said with hope. he nods and grams her phone. I soon read the mssages from Vici. That son of a bitch! "Jaz. Howd you call her your best friend? youdeserve way better! Dot let her control you like this! Yoiu need to stand up for what you beleive in! Oh and just to clear things up.. we absolutly do NOT have a thing." I said. he looked up at me with tears still roling down her eyes. I wipe them with my thumbs. "Stop crying.. c'mon.. lets gothe others must be waiting.." I say. "zayn.." she said stoping. Ilooked at her straiht in the eyes as she didto me. "Thanks for everything.. it means alot.. like.. a lot. Just thanks." she said. I smiled. "Its not a problem, Just remember.. Im always here for yo..always.." I say putting my arms around her waist and waling out. Uh oh.....  

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