Jasmin is going to LA with her best friend for a one direction concert. What happens when she gets stuck on an elevator with them for who knows how ling?!;)


14. Chapter 10

"Hey ima go tell Harry to met us in my room you guys go ahead!" I yell as I look at Zayn. He seemed kinda hurt. Poor Zayn. I'll make it up to him. I promise. I knock on Harry's door. "Erm.. Coming.." He says while i hear shuffles. He opens the door. "Hey! Were gonna go eat at my place. I'm making PANCAKES! So wann join?!" I asked. He chuckled. "Someones a morning person! But I'd love too!" He says while walking out. "Erm.. Harry. I think you should at least put some pants on before Vici lie explodes." I say nticing he only had boxers. He looks down in surprise. "Oh yeah i kinda forgot." He says blushing and running into the room. He comes back out.. FULLY DRESSED this time. We quickly walk to the room. "Ok guys I'll be just making pancakes.. I'll be right out!" I yeall. Harry follows me. "You can go relax i got this! " i say. "But i want to help! What may i help in miss chef?!" He asked joking around. i laugh. "Um how about you go ask how much everyone wants!" I say exitedly. He glares at me. "That is the lamest job in the UNIVERSE!" He jokes. " Well then its perfect for the LAMEST guy in the UNIVERSE!' I joke back. we both laugh and he heads out. No. I just dont feel it with him. Hes very attractive dont get me wrong! But i just.. hes not mu type. Hes too..flirty i guess i dont know.


Wow. I think I really like her. I went to go ask everyone how many pancakes they wanted. "Ok! How many pancakes do you guys want!?" I shout. "4!" They all screamed except for Niall. He probably wants like 15. "Nialler?!" I ask. "Oh erm.. 1 is fine!" He says not looking away from the tele. 1!? Thats like a crumb for him! I think everyone was thinking the same thing cause we were all looking at him funny. "Oh yeah.. well Jaz and i had already eaten breakfast earlier." He explains. Does she have a thing for NIALL?!  I storm off to the kitchen. " how many do they want?" She asked. "4. And Niall wants one." I say blantly. "what?! That boy is still hungry?! we just ate!" She said. "Do you have a thing for Niall?" I say not caring what she had said before. "No. why do you ask?" she says honestly. Phew ok. "Oh well just the fact that you guys slept together and ate without the rest of u. But i believe you its ok." I say.


"Ok boys! we have a signing in an hour! Lets go!" Liam yelled after they had eaten breakfast. We all groaned. "It would be funner if the gals ca- LIAM?! CAN THE GIRLS COME?!" Louis says/ yells in his face. "I will talk to Paul." He said walking out. YAY! i hope he says yesh!!! "Ok girls i hope you get ready fast cause your coming with us!!!" Liamm yells throwing his arms in the air for victory. "YAY!!!!" I yell. This was going to be SUPER MEGA FUN!!!

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