Lost to Past, Open For Future

Harry and the boys are on tour. Zayn's driving the bus when they get into an accident,
Harry finds himself in love with a girl he doesn't know, Zayn's clinging onto his life and the rest of them are all in there own little world's as the the tour is cancelled.
Will Harry and this girl work out?
Will Zayn live?
And what happends to the rest of them?
Read the Story to find out!


7. Relief


It's still early afternoon and it looks like I'm the only person home. I pull out my phone and message Liam to see where he is at.
'Fart brain where are you bud?' I send knowing that he will go along with the joke. He hasn't responded yet so I sit down on the couch and watch some tv.

{Payphone starts playing}

I pick up my phone and see that Liam has replied :' ...

Lol I'm upstairs in the game room :P'

So he is home. Gosh this house is so big I bet I haven't even been in all the rooms! I climb the stairs and go into the game room to find Liam rocking out on guitar hero.

'There you are I've been looking all over for you!' I lied.

"Here I am now what is it that you want?"

"Where's Natalie?"

"She went to her mom's to help her brother pack for college."

"Oh. Can I tell you something?"

"Sure Haz what is it?'

"I'm in love with The girl we hurt"

"Are you serious? I mean love is a strong word Harry and you don't even know her."

"But that's just it I feel like I know her from somewhere!"

"She must have one of those faces."
Liam's phone goes off and he takes it. I know where he gets on the phone he talks forever so instead of waiting for him I leave the room.
Now what? I wander around the rooms for a while looking at all the interesting things but even that can't occupy my mind. It's truly the girl I want to see.

I find my coat and make my way to the front door. Not even bothering to
grab my car keys, instead I'll walk.


"Well your friend is charming." I say to El.

"How would you know? You didn't even pay attention to her you were ga ga over Kevin."

"He had the same name as my pigeon!" We both laugh and get into the taxi on the curb.

"What do you say we go home and change then go see a movie?" I asked.

"I thought you were supposed to be keeping a low profile Mr. Famous Pop Star" I smiled I loved when El gave me some sass.
"I am but.."
"I don't know."
"How about we go back to you place and watch one of the movies you have there?"
"I thought we could have some time alone though." She laughed.
"Knowing Liam, he will be doing a twitcam, Niall and Zayn can't be home and Harry is in love. We are going to be alone."
A smile played on her lips and I bent over to press mine to hers. It was amazing how she knew us all so well especially me and what I wanted.


I walked without knowing where I was going- well that's I lie. I know I was heading to the hospital, I'm sure the boys knew that too.

(Twenty Minutes Later)

I walked through the hallway and found her room again I walked straight in without knocking and went to her bedside.

"Hey it's me." I say, grabbing her hand.

I talk away to her for a few more minutes before something happened.

I was talking about this weird painting I saw in the house today when I felt her move. At first I thought i was mental but then I felt her squeeze my hand.

I watched as she light up. Slowly sitting up and moving her probably sore limbs.
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