Lost to Past, Open For Future

Harry and the boys are on tour. Zayn's driving the bus when they get into an accident,
Harry finds himself in love with a girl he doesn't know, Zayn's clinging onto his life and the rest of them are all in there own little world's as the the tour is cancelled.
Will Harry and this girl work out?
Will Zayn live?
And what happends to the rest of them?
Read the Story to find out!


1. Out of No-Where

*Azula P.O.V*

Dizzily I got up from what felt to be a big pile of mud. Why was my head pounding? What was I doing here? Was I dragged here? I don't remember a thing except I remember being hit over the head with something hard and cold and everything went black.

Sorry I don't mean to be rude I'm Azula. I'm tall but non-athletic, I have deep blue eyes and long brown hair. I wish I could tell you something about where I came from or anything about my past but like I said I don't know much.

Looking around me now I only see trees, dirt and moss. It appears I'm in a forest in the middle of no-where or at least no where familiar to me. Since I don't know where I am I decide to go straight and hopefully I will find something -anything - hopefully somebody that can help me.

As I start to walk I notice my balance isn't as good as I thought it was, even after being dizzy, it was more like I was wasted! This is not a good idea so I decide to sit down again and try to let the dizziness pass.

[leaves rustling, starts to rain]

"Great!Now if I sit here I'm going to be soaked!"

I look around me and see a piece of a branch that could make a good walking stick. Carefully I crawled over and hoisted myself up, and headed on.


"That didn't sound like the leaves!"


"Definitely not the leaves!"

Despite my dizziness and not knowing where I was going I sprinted until I couldn't breath, not even bothering to look behind me or where I was going. I didn't want to find out what made that noise and I sure wasn't going to find out. Finally I broke out of the forest without realizing it and onto a busy highway... I got a glimpse of a tour bus and that's all I remember.

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