Lost to Past, Open For Future

Harry and the boys are on tour. Zayn's driving the bus when they get into an accident,
Harry finds himself in love with a girl he doesn't know, Zayn's clinging onto his life and the rest of them are all in there own little world's as the the tour is cancelled.
Will Harry and this girl work out?
Will Zayn live?
And what happends to the rest of them?
Read the Story to find out!


2. Hitting Smitting

*Harry P.O.V*


"Hey Harry while your there could you grab me a water ... and some Pringles?" asked Niall from the couch


"Here you are," I said, handing him his stuff. Not wanting to sit there and watch him eat I Went to the front of the bus where Zayn was driving.

"Hey Hazza, why so glum mate?"

"I'm just a little upset about my break up with Emily, that's all."

"Cheer up mate you two were only dating for a bit!"

"I know but still," Zayn turns to face me.

"ZAYN WATCH OUT THERE IS A GIRL ON THE ROAD!" It all happened too quick, Zayn didn't even have time to turn to face the road by the time we hit the girl and another car and went straight into the bank.

[Ambulances and police cars so up on the spot Ten minutes later . As well as some press vans]

I was the first one to come around, Zayn was the closest to me, unconscious. I get up and surprisingly I feel fine, so I carefully unbuckle Zayn and carry him out of a broke window, in the side of the bus. As soon as we get out is a ambulance crew there and they take Zayn from me and put him in a gurney.

"Let me go back in and get one of the others."

"Harry, I'm afraid we can't let you do that. You got to rest. You might go into post-dramatic shock. You were just in a car crash." One of the officials tell me.

"Okay fine" I quietly lie down on the closest gurney in the one ambulance without another word.

I realize once I'm lying down that I smell blood,I look beside me and see a girl drenched in blood hooked up to a thousands wires and tubes holding on for dear life.

'That must be the girl we hit' I thought

"hel..." Did she just say something? No she couldn't of , she was on deaths door. By this time we were on our way to the hospital.


"Did you say something?" The girl pointed to my head. I reached up and felt wetness ... I must of gotten cut in my head, but didn't feel it.

"hel.." I got off of my gurney and took the girls outstretched hand, and that's the way I stayed until she was taken away to the emergency room. The last thing I remember before being put out was her bright blue eyes pleading for help.. not just to be healed, but something much more deep.


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