Lost to Past, Open For Future

Harry and the boys are on tour. Zayn's driving the bus when they get into an accident,
Harry finds himself in love with a girl he doesn't know, Zayn's clinging onto his life and the rest of them are all in there own little world's as the the tour is cancelled.
Will Harry and this girl work out?
Will Zayn live?
And what happends to the rest of them?
Read the Story to find out!


5. Group Goes Out

*Niall P.O.V*


I think it's about time Haz has found somebody he likes after all we all have girlfriend except him. He is often left at home on Saturday nights because the rest of us are gone on a big group date. Of course we ask him to come along but he refuses. I just hope nothing happens to her for his sake.

*Harry P.O.V*


The car is packed with chatter but I'm not listening instead my head is against the glass while I'm Pretending I'm sleeping. "Harry, don't fall asleep here. Remember we are grabbing the girls then going out for a movie." Well the peace was good while it lasted. "Right yeah."I reply I lift my head and see that we are pulled up I'm front of Nea's flat. "I'll go get her" I offer. I get out and walk up to Nea's door and knock. She answers quickly, it looks like she has been crying. "Nea what's wrong?" "It's Zayn usually he can hide his pain. But when I was there today he could barely move." "Nea he is going to be fine the doctors said so. Now come on or we will be late for the movie" We walk side by side and get into the car.


*Zayn P.O.V*

"Nea, I need you here."


*Harry P.O.V*


I feel for Nea. Louis told me that Zayn doesn't look that good even though the doctors said he would be out soon. Now I join in the chat as we pick up Natalie, Taylor and finally Eleanor. Louis and Liam came up with this night so we could get everyone out and get them to stop worrying about Niall and Zayn. The movie felt like forever! But I'm sure everyone had a good time. Everyone was going back to our flat that we have for the summer. As soon as we got back everyone wanted to play Headbandz. Now normally I would join in a good board game but not tonight, tonight I'm going to bed. "Night everyone" "Night Harry"everyone chimed . I went to my room striped and got in the bed. I knew I wouldn't sleep but I wanted to at least think about her in private.


*Louis P.O.V*

 "Am I a teddy bear?" "Yes!"replies Taylor. "You're my Boo Bear"El says kissing me. I kiss her back and pull her onto my lap. "Get a room!" Natalie says. "How about we go to bed?"Liam asks Natalie. "Sure" she replies. Liam picks Natalie up and they leave the room up to his bedroom. "Night guys" they say. "I should probably go " Nea replies. "I'll go with you" Taylor says getting her bag. I toss her the keys to my car so they can get home. "What about you babe?"I ask Eleanor. "I think I'm fine her I have nothing to do tomorrow." she says. I kiss her neck and take her hand and lead her to my room.


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