Lost to Past, Open For Future

Harry and the boys are on tour. Zayn's driving the bus when they get into an accident,
Harry finds himself in love with a girl he doesn't know, Zayn's clinging onto his life and the rest of them are all in there own little world's as the the tour is cancelled.
Will Harry and this girl work out?
Will Zayn live?
And what happends to the rest of them?
Read the Story to find out!


8. Can't Talk!

*Azula P.O.V*

I looked around I saw the guy who was in the ambulance with me and became aware of his grasp on my hand. At first we didn't let go but when he saw me looking at our intwined fingers he pulled away.
He looked embarrassed.

I wanted to tell him it was alright but I just couldn't, I mean I literally couldn't make myself speak the words.

"Are you alright?"...

The boy asked.
I couldn't talk at all soon the boy got out his phone when a doctor walked in.

"Ah, good it seems you have woken up." The doctor said to me. "Harry could you please step out of the room so we could run some tests?"

I watched the boy who I now knew was named Harry leave me with the doctor.

*Harry's P.O.V*

I was sitting in the hall on a stiff chair waiting for the doctor to let me back in.
Finally the doctor walked out.
"Well?" I asked. The doctor sighed.
"I'm pleased to say that even after that accident she is okay no broken bones. From what I tell she will have a bit of swollen joints and will have some major headaches but if she takes her meds and relaxes she will have a speedy recovery."
I smiled.
"Is that all?"
"Well no. It seems the patient is having trouble with using her vocal cords. We can't tell if its from the dramatic events or if they were permanently damaged."
My smile faded.
"Any sign of any family or anything"
"We don't even know her name here. We can't seem to find her in the records."
"Okay thanks I mumbled"
The doctor patted me on the shoulder and walked away.

*Azula P.O.V*

I was sitting on the window sill of my hospital room when I heard somebody enter. I turned around to see Harry smiling down at me.

"Hi, I'm Harry." I rolled my eyes.
I knew this boy had been talking to me in my sleep I could often hear it I remember bits of what he said like how he was sorry but at the time it took so much to focus I just blocked it out.
I realized Harry got a bit uncomfortable just sitting there so I got up and walked into the small bathroom besides I really did have to pee.

*Taylor's P.O.V*

I walked into Niall's hospital room
after coming back from home.

"You're back!" Niall's face lit up.
I walked over to him and gave him a quick kiss. " Who says I was done kissing you?" He says. I laughed and he pulled me in for a much deeper kiss.
"Are you feeling alright Niall?" I asked slightly nervous that he was sitting in a chair across the room.
"Ya I'm perfectly fine, a little hungry but fine."
"No pain?"
I smiled and went to go get him some food like I did earlier.

As I walked out of the room I bumped into Niall's nurse.
"Oh hello Taylor, here to visit Niall?" She said winking at me.
"Ya" I but my lip as I said it so it was barely audible
"What's wrong ?"
"It's just that since I came here this morning Niall has been moving a lot. Like right now he is in a chair. Is he supposed to be?"
"Oh Taylor did I forget to tell you?!? I checked in on Niall before you came in this morning and he seemed to be in little pain he was able to move everything but his one leg of course. We thought he would be needing a wheel chair but it turns out the crutches for a bit will be enough!"
I smiled. It looks like my Nialler would be home sooner then I thought.

"That's wonderful news! Thanks so much!" I was about to enter the elevator when I thought about the mystery girl. I knew Harry always went in there to see her so maybe he would want some food too.

[Knock, Knock]

"Come in!" I heard Haz say.
"Hey Harry I was just heading out to get Niall some food want anything?"
I looked over to the bed and noticed that the girl wasn't there. Harry noticed my puzzled look and explained
"She woke up earlier, right now she's in the washroom."
Just then she came out.

*Azula P.O.V*

I came out of the washroom to see a pretty girl standing next to where Harry was sitting.
"Hi, I'm Taylor." The girl held her hand out to me and I shook it. She was waiting for an answer until Harry stepped in thank god.
"She can't speak, the doctors think the wreak messed up her vocal cords."
"Aww I see have you tried giving her a paper to write on?" Taylor asked him. He looked at me and I nodded. I could still write!
"I only have my phone with me!" Harry said holding his phone.
I bent over and literally ripped the phone on out his hands. I carefully found the notes on his iPhone and started to type.
"Oh gosh I forgot I was heading to get Niall something. Are you sure you don't want anything Harry?"
"Naw I'm good." He said
"And you?" She said asking me.
I just shook my head and she walked out.
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