Happily Never After

Harry Styles. The boy that decided to come into my life and ruin it. He said he loved me, he told me he'd never leave, he said he didn't love anyone else but me, but fame changed him. He turned into a snob and jerk. What happened to him? Fame shouldn't change anyone. But it changed Harry.
Maybe I should just give up on him.. Like everyone else does with him.
Give up.


3. Save My Heart-2

                                                             *7:00 at night*

I was lying down on Harry's bed, while he looked around his room looking for a CD. I looked through a magazine I had brought in my back-pack. "Found it!" Harry shouted, grabbing a CD from a shelf near his flat screen TV. I looked up from my magazine and gave him a what-did-you-find look. He smiled slightly and walked closer to the bed. He put his hands on the end of the bed and looked at me. "This CD. It has my favorite song on it." he told me, smiling. I sat up from the bed and looked at the CD. "Jason Reeves? Never heard of him." I said, laying back down. Harry's mouth dropped open. "You haven't? Wow." he said, turning away and walking to put the CD in. 

Okay, I admit it. Whenever Harry turns away from me, I tend to check him out. Wanna know why? I do too. I'm confused by my own actions. 

Music started, making me jump. But I looked up and listened for a bit. 

I want what I can't have, I wanna make you mine, I don't care what it takes. I'm fearless with my heart, I'll take you anyplace, I don't care if it breaks. 

I smiled. The lyrics were just like my life. Okay, I do admit, I have a crush on Harry. That's how this song reminds me of my life. "I want what I can't have, I wanna make you mine.." Those lyrics explain how I feel about Harry. I can't have him, yet I want him mine. 

I wanna tell you things that I can't tell myself, these secrets are like hell.

Oh my god, this song explains every thing. I can't tell myself that I like Harry or that I think he's hot, but I want to tell him. These secrets are like hell. I can't tell a soul for one reason, he's Harry Styles. The popular. No one would expect a girl like me to be with him. 

The first time that you smiled so shyly back at me, I couldn't help myself. Call me crazy, maybe I'm insanely out of my mind, but it don't ever phase me, if I had to I'm not afraid to save my heart for you.

After those lyrics came out, I froze. Could I save my heart for Harry? No, how could I? I'll probably find someone, and move on like normal people do with stupid crushes. Yeah, some people don't move on, but I have no choice. Leave or take the pain.

I want what I can't have, I'm gunna make you mine, no matter what it takes..

I just laid there as the song ended. I kept thinking about everything that I could do to make me mine. I knew none would work since he's taken and he's my best friend. I sank on his bed and took the hair off my face. "So, do you like the song?" Harry asked me, making me sit up a bit. I just nodded and gulped in some of the spit in my mouth. I felt weird after listening to the song. It made me think. 

Do I really like Harry? Why does this song make me feel this way? Should I tell Harry the truth? No, no, no. I can't tell Harry. I just can't. It'll ruin everything, I know it. 

"You alright, Sammie?" Harry asked, making me jump slightly. I turned to him. "Hmm? Oh, uh.. yeah, I'm fine." I lied. "Perfectly fine." He smiled at me and turned back to grab the CD out. I groaned quietly and laid back down on his bed. I feel so weird and bad. I need to tell him. No, wait I should- 

"Harry, I need to tell you something." I bursted out. I instantly regretted saying this. Why?! Why did I say that? He turned back to me, still having that cute smile plastered on his face. "Yeah..?" he said. I sat there, frozen. How am I suppose to tell my best friend that I like him? I guess I could lie. But what should I say? Oh.. I got it. 

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