Happily Never After

Harry Styles. The boy that decided to come into my life and ruin it. He said he loved me, he told me he'd never leave, he said he didn't love anyone else but me, but fame changed him. He turned into a snob and jerk. What happened to him? Fame shouldn't change anyone. But it changed Harry.
Maybe I should just give up on him.. Like everyone else does with him.
Give up.


1. Prologue

"No, Harry. Stop." I said, trying to push Harry off me. He held onto me harder. "Stop!" I screamed, getting frustrated. He let go and put his hands up in defense. I glared at him and walked away again. "No, stop!" he yelled from behind me. I kept walking, wiping every tear that tried to fall.

Why me? Why do I have to be in love with him? Yeah, he was a nice guy before, but he changed. Get over it Sam. He'll never love you the way that you do. He just thinks of you as every other girl out there. Desperate. 

"Stop walking away from me, Sammie." he whispered as he got closer to me. I turned to him with a stern look on my face. "Don't you dare call me Sammie! You are forbidden to call me that. Your not able to call me that when your not even my friend anymore." I yelled. He stood there, shocked. I held onto my jacket tightly. "I'm not your friend? I thought we were friends forever? Your breaking the promise Sa-" 

"I'm breaking the promise? No, I think you are Harry. By going out with different girls every night and day, forgetting about me, being a total prick. You've changed, Harry. So have I," I was at the verge of tears at the moment. "I've moved on.. I think I'll have a better life without you." There was a small silence after I said those words. 

"Bye, Haz. Hope you have fun with your life." I muttered, throwing my jacket that he gave to me a year ago for my birthday. I ran away, crying quietly. I'm done. Harry's not my best friend anymore, he's changed. He's different now. 

I just want everything back to normal. I thought. It won't happen, I know. I'll never see Harry ever again. I'll only see him on the TV, outside here in London walking with the boys, and on every newspaper and magazine everywhere. It's not like before. 

It's different now. 

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