Happily Never After

Harry Styles. The boy that decided to come into my life and ruin it. He said he loved me, he told me he'd never leave, he said he didn't love anyone else but me, but fame changed him. He turned into a snob and jerk. What happened to him? Fame shouldn't change anyone. But it changed Harry.
Maybe I should just give up on him.. Like everyone else does with him.
Give up.


2. Best Friends- 1

                                                             *1 year ago*

"Harry, you know I need to study for this test. It's really important to me." I said, laughing slightly. Harry whined and grabbed onto my hand like a four year old holding onto his mum. "Please, please!" he yelled, giving me those puppy eyes that he knew would make me give in. I laughed and closed my eyes so I couldn't see his. He tugged on my arm and tried to open my eyes. "Please, Sammie!" he whined like he was a little boy. 

Harry and I have been best friends since Kindergarden. Nothing could separate us. We were like brother and sister. We now go to high school, where we still act like best friends, but things have changed. Harry found himself a girlfriend and pays all his attention to her and not me. You can call this jealousy, but it's not I promise. His girlfriend's Katlen Payne, Liam Payne's sister. You can tell that Liam and Katlen are brother and sister because of how they act. They're both a "payne" in the ass. See what I did there? 

Katlen could be really mean to Harry at times. Demanding him to buy her gifts, practically forcing Harry to kiss her, and probably much, much more, if you know what I mean. So, let's just say that Harry and Katlen aren't the best couple in the world, but people love them together. They think they love each other so much! Harry sure seems to love her, but Katlen? No. She's been caught cheating on Harry many times, but Harry doesn't seem to believe it. 

Okay, maybe I am a tad bit jealous, but he's my best friend, I can't love him. It's maybe because he doesn't hang out with me much. Is it because of that? I think so. 

Anyways, off that topic. Harry invited me to go to his house so we could hang out more today, but the thing was, I had to study for finals next week. Me and Harry were both seniors in High School, but me and Harry are totally different when it comes to school. I always study and get an A on every test, while Harry over here just "wings" it. The little idiot thinks he can just party and have fun all night and day. Yeah, we're not exactly alike. 

"Fine. Fine. I'll stay for a while, but then I have to head home and do some studying." I told him, finally opening my eyes. He jumped up and down like the idiot he is and I just rolled my eyes and laughed at the sight of my best friend looking completely retarded. "Come on, let's go, slow poke." Harry yelled, tugging on my arm. I laughed and ran all the way to his house with Harry holding onto my arm. 

For most girls this would be great that a really cute boy was holding my arm--and let me tell you Harry was pretty cute-- but I don't really care that he was holding on to me. It was normal. Plus, he has a girlfriend. Even if he did like me, he wouldn't cheat on Katlen. 

"You gunna walk in or not?" Harry asked me, pulling me out of my thoughts. I laughed quietly and walked in his house. When I heard Harry shut the front door, I ran to the couch and jumped on top of it. "I won!" I yelled. Me and Harry always tried to see who would get to the couch first. He normally wins, but I would be able to win at some times. "Wait!" Harry yelled. I braced myself for what was about to happen. I closed my eyes tightly and held onto my shirt. 

Then, boom.. I felt a heavy body on top of mine. I let out a loud groan. "Ow!" I yelled. I opened my eyes to see Harry's blue eyes staring down at mine. "What the fuck, bro?" I laughed. He just laughed and stayed on top of me. "Get off me." I demanded. He just laid there. I groaned again and pushed him off me. Okay, I tried pushing him off me. It didn't quite work. He laughed. "Your weak." he said. I rolled my eyes. "Wow, nice to hear that coming from your best friend." I sarcastically said. 

Harry rolled off me and fell to the floor laughing. "Correction.. Best friend forever." he said, smiling. I smiled down at him and played with his hair. "Yeah, best friends forever." I whispered. We both smiled at each other. I kept playing with his hair. "So curly." I mumbled. He laughed and so did I. We really were going to be best friends forever.

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