Only At Night

Zayn Malik, the one boy who every girl would fall for and he knows it. One night something terriable happened, the boys did something and zayn's life will never be the same, by day he's normal at night he's a monster, will he ever find his true love before time runs out....



Liam's P.O.V

Hey my name is Liam Payne, most people consider me as the 'daddy' of One Direction, i'm here to give you a breif outline on the past few weeks, you see Zayn's been acting weird, so weird its unbelievable. All he thinks about is girls, money and himself, it's like he doesn't care about the music anymore.

Me and Louis were just having a random discussion about carrots and toy story, so random that after an awkward silence Lou yelled out
"I wonder if there's a spell or a curse or anything we could do to Zayn you know to make him a little more well less vain."

I wondered, this is the first good idea Louis had since well... this is the first good idea he's ever had. Flicking through google we found a page on mythical spells and charms and red through the page, it was intreguing, intoxicating and just what we needed so we informed all of the boys on our plan of action.

In the still of night probably around 10.00 Zayn was fast asleep, we crept in and Louis began to chant.
"In the dead of night you'll change, no longer will you be Zayn, you'll be normal by day and by night your whole aperance will dissapear and turn into the worst of peoples fear, you'll grow fangs and white your eyes will turn, this will happen day by day for no longer than a year but if you can not find someone who loves you for you then you'll stay in the disposition you least love, and be what you brand as hideous for all eternity." How Lou managed to speak fluent Latin i will never know but he did. That night we saw Zayn change

His eyes whitened and fangs he grew just like it said, his muscles buffed and a tattoo appeared on his left eye. He emerged from his sleep and crawled down the stairs, looked in the mirror and boomed out
"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE" his voice sounded deeper than normal but this wasnt the time to think about that as Zayn put his hand straight through the mirror and came towards me, he grabbed me by the throat and i was gasping for air, just before i was at the point of passing out he dropped me down to the floor
"Weak humans, i'm hungry, lets find some food" and with that he sped out of the appartment at lightning speed and we never saw him until the next morning....

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