Only At Night

Zayn Malik, the one boy who every girl would fall for and he knows it. One night something terriable happened, the boys did something and zayn's life will never be the same, by day he's normal at night he's a monster, will he ever find his true love before time runs out....


2. The Morning after...

Zayn's P.O.V

I woke up early this morning, maybe around 4am, rubbing my eyes and trudging to the bathroom i couldn't stop twitching, i looked in the mirror and i was so horrified, Blood dripped off my teeth and into the sink, my eyes were white what happened to the cocolate brown in them? why is there a tattoo on my eye? who did this to me? who made me this hideous?My head was swimming with questiong but then my hands began trembling as i noticed one particular thing, my fangs were vastly bigger, so much sharper like some sort of blade. i thought i had to of been imagining it and when i turned round and shouted
"HAZ,LOU,LIAM,NIALL CAN YOU COME HERE PLEASE!" i faced back and it was all gone, like some sort of magic trick i was back to normal. Thats when all the boys piled in

"Whats up Zaynie boy?" Naill inquisitivly asked
"Do you know? oh damn i'm dead" Lou seemed nervous, Liam tensed and nudged Lou in the arm, what were they hiding, whatever happened last night must of shook them up pretty bad, why can't i remember think Zayn think. Just then something made me remember.
"Zayn have you herd from El, she's not answered me all morning"

Flashbacks of yesterday eaving and this morning were pixel perfect, the boys turned me into a monster, i needed revenge, i can't believe it, i...i...i'm a murderer. Nobody will ever love me not like this, looks like i'm staying in my awful ways forever, damn it Zayn don't cry please don't cry. Too late i just broke down no words just tears falling softly on the floor
Lou came up to me but i pushed him away with all my strength he flew accross the bathroom as i ran to help him up
"oh my god Lou i'm so sorry i didnt mean to do that, its just im a bad bad person"
"Well of corse you are your the 'bradford bad boy'" he quoted my little nickname,
"Yeah but not like that, i...i killed El, she's at the appartment, i'm a beast" Lou just screamed and broke down, i feel like the worst person on earth right now why do i have to be like this? Why is it only at night?

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