Only At Night

Zayn Malik, the one boy who every girl would fall for and he knows it. One night something terriable happened, the boys did something and zayn's life will never be the same, by day he's normal at night he's a monster, will he ever find his true love before time runs out....


3. Sorry!

Louis's P.O.V

What the hell!!!!!! How could he do that, my beautiful El, i can't stop crying the tears constantly hit the floor and all of the lads are still huddled round me scouling at Zayn, this has gone on since this morning and all of a sudden we herd screaming and the door slammed open and shut. What the hell just happened....

Zayn's P.O.V

I'd lost controlled all i could do was crawl up in a ball, but of corse nobody would look at how it's hurting me, i didn't want to kill her, they made me the monster, they destroyed my life!! It was nearly that time of the night again, that time of the night that hurts so much, as the clock struck 10.00 my fangs elongated causing me excruciating pain, my nails sharpened, i grew slightly taller and my posture changed, my eyes were so white they were allmost blinding me and that hidious tattoo was back across my eye. I just screamed, i hope they all pay for this, i need to go and walk or maybe run for tonight, hopefully i wont hurt anybody else today.

Zooming down the stairs and out of the door, i could feel all eyes on me not for long though, the door slammed shut and i calmed myself down by singing. Re-thinking about what curse they acctually put me under, it said i'd have to fall in love. That shouldn't be too hard, i mean every girl loves me, but they wouldn't love this me. I was far too engrossed in my thoughts when *THUD* i heard such a timid girl scream and start to cry.

"Oh crap i'm so sorry!" i spoke as my head was held down and i cautiously held a hand down towards her, hoping that she didn't see my face.
"Erm...'s fine" she blubbered whilst getting to her feet with my assistance,"I'm Natalie, sorry that this little incident happened, but i reall hope i can get to know you"

I couldn't look at her, she'd sream and run away but i kept my head down and i talked to her, we walked for hours but it was nearly 3am and natalie ran as she screamed...
"Don't worry you'll see me tomorrow, i only ever come out at night, meet me by the park, bye Zay"

Yea she calls me Zay, deal with it, she's sweet, i wonder why she only mentioned that she came out at night, she couldn't be like me could she, no no no vampires don't exist well not real ones anyway, i'm only half a vampire, even though i never saw her face and she never saw mine i really do want to see her again. Crawling back into bed i drifted off to sleep thinking about my second night as vampire.

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