Only At Night

Zayn Malik, the one boy who every girl would fall for and he knows it. One night something terriable happened, the boys did something and zayn's life will never be the same, by day he's normal at night he's a monster, will he ever find his true love before time runs out....


6. All The Secrets

Natalies's P.O.V

So after i showed Zay my fangs he seemed abit more exited to be around me, why i don't know. Was it the teenage hormones or was it just the fact we'd have something else in common. His smile was uncontrolable it was just plastered all over his stunning face, i lauged abit and he held out his hand, we entwined fingers and began to walk.

it was an amazing night, the sky was crystal clear and the stars shon like dimonds, before we knew it all our secrets had been revealed to one another, i learnt so much about Zayn and how this could only be temperary if he falls in love, and how he's in one direction, i'm sure i must of herd them being played on the radio around the house at some point, how his bandmates were worried about him and thats why they cursed him. He hates it well he hated, he doesnt want to fall for anybody but he doesnt want to stay this way, i want him to, its been the best few days of my life, being able to interact with somebody like me.

Zayn's P.O.V

She's facinating, i know all about her and her extremly diffrent famil, about why i only ever see her at night, she understands everything about me. I know the curse the lads put me under said i could turn back to me if i fall in love but what happens if i'm falling for the one girl who i couldnt be normal around, what if im falling for Natalie, What happens when i love a vampire....

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