Is it wrong to wear makeup?

Is it wrong to wear make-up, to look at ourselves in the mirror. And to change the way we look? Is it wrong to be different? Then why is it so wrong to wear make-up?


1. Make up.


Am I beautiful?

Am I beautiful? Am I perfect? The real question is why? Why do I feel naked going out without make up? I'll admit to doing this. Too caring far too much about how I look. Every one has looked in the mirror and stressed over their appearance before not- boys do it too. But its girls that feel they need to struggle to do their hair and make-up every morning. Choose the right clothes. Walk the right way. Say the right things.. It’s not just a group of people, its everyone. It’s called visual awareness. Being aware of how you look. And I’m asking… is this a bad thing?

It’s individualism

Everyone whom has tackled this topic before has said STOP. Look in the mirror; pick out your good parts. And accept yourself. But why? Why can't we straiten our hair? Blush our cheeks. And spend hours finding the right clothes. It’s not about being unhappy or depressive or even self conscious. It about identity. Uniqueness. Every thing in this generation revolves around different. We embrace diversity. We express ourselves in every possible way. So why... I ask… Are we hassled for expressing ourselves through our outward image?

It’s expression of opinion

Its not about wanting to please other people (although it doesn't hurt) its about pleasing ourselves. It's about looking in the mirror, and not just liking what we see... but thinking to ourselves- I look like me. I represent my personality in a way that shows people who I am. Because when people say, “it’s better to look natural, you look more like you” They’re wrong. Because when I put on my make-up and clothes. I feel more like me then I ever could without them. I am not represented by make-up. Make-up represents me.

It’s fun!!

I’m young, I’m free and I want to spend hours looking for the right pair jeans. Because that’s what I enjoy. Not everyone does… but I do. I like comparing styles with my friends. As much as guys like arguing over their favorite team. It’s a hobby. So why is this topic treated as if it’s a bad thing. I do accept myself. I just enjoy accessorizing as well.

Everyone does it.

Its not just stereo typical girly girls. It’s the punks, the rockers, the greebos, the musicians, the couldn’t- care- lesser. Everyone that goes into a shop knowing there style, and what they are looking for. They are all image conscious. They all express themselves through clothes may be not makeup and jewelry… but they do it all the same. So why are girls stereo typed about being too image conscious?

So what??!!

And so what if we are. I’m sure some of you have dyed your hair at one point, put on nail varnish and used concealer. Does that make us bad people? Unhappy people? No! It makes us… well, us. So it’s time we took a stand. To being ourselves! To not being criticized on our morning routine

Just be yourself

You don’t have to go overboard. You just have to be yourself. If any ones wondering who that is. Well, that’s easy. How? When? And where? Are you most comfortable. Because that is what matters. Never loose faith in what you believe. Where your style like your armor. And most importantly, stay true to yourself. Whether that’s with or without makeup.


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