Love Me



1. Meeting Dililah

It all started when Dililah was 6 she was abonded with her sister Adilanian (adi) 20 If anything Adie Was always a love girl she had a crush on every boy in her class! Jason Prenty Alex Codine Revon Da'Mitreas even Devin she was always talking about Samuel though she liked him before Dililah was born she love Samuel so much she wrote a song about him when she was 3 it goes like this Samwel (samuel) is wy wife(life) i wont hugws and no bw byets NOW SINCE SHE'S GROWN            Samuel is my life i want hugs and no bites



                                            5 WEEKS LATER


Adi Adi I got a crush Samuel !      Stop it Dililah! you know i miss him !

not that Samuel Samuel Teche} hes so cute

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