This Is Our Life.

Mary and Cheyenne move to london thinking their lives would be normal. But when accidents and tragidies happen, they run in to people that could change thier lives forever.


3. Two Lovely Girls

NIALL'S POV- I follow the girl to the bathroom seeing the sick look on her face. She walks in and closes the door. When she comes out her face is red and an apparent line of where the tears had streamed down. "Are you ok?" I say grabbing her cold hand. When i held her hand she tensed up. "Ye...yes." She said looking down apparently embarrassed. To break the silence i maneuvered her back to her seat. "I don't think I caught your name?" We finally made it to the seat. "My name is Cheyenne.... Chey for short." She let a small grin take over her face. "Are you thirsty?" I asked nervously. "Umm Miss.... can i get two waters please?" Within seconds the flight attendant appeared I handed Cheyenne the water and she slowly sipped it away. "Can I sit with you?" She finally spoke out taking the words right out of my thoughts. "Sure!" I smile and we head for an empty seat.

LOUIS' POV- I walk up to Niall who was sitting next to a really pretty lass. They looked like they were enjoying their conversation so i walked up the aisle till i saw a young gorgeous sitting alone. "Hello Miss, may I accompany you?" she smiled and nodded knowing who I was obviously or she just kindly accepted the offer. Anyways she was pretty with shoulder length blond ringlets that formed around her face and soft sparkling blue eyes. Hmm a little too much detail. THANK YOU IMAGINATION! "How is your trip so far...." I stop hesitating just now realizing i didn't ask her name. "I'm sorry but what is your name?" I say trying not to sound anymore like an idiot. Talking to ladies was Harry's job and apparently he was doing an amazing job because he sure was talking a storm with that flight attendant.  "It's amazing very nice sights." She said with an amazing smile no matter the small flaws. "Would you like to stay with me?" She asked as I was about to leave because of the awkwardness. "I would most definitely enjoy that." I smiled and laughed. What an amazing flight.

HARRY'S POV- I sat back down with Liam and Zayn pleased with my flirting skills today. "What's the matter man?" asked Zayn pulling away the set of Dr. Dre headphones from his ear. "Nothing, but I see Niall and Louis found themselves someone." I said looking at the girl with the short brown hair and then the Blond with ringlets. "Are you jealous mate?" asked Liam who was shutting down his laptop closing goodbye to the world of Twitter for now. "Oi look were landing!" shouted Zayn happily. He hopped up and headed for the bathroom like he usually does to get ready for the fans waiting for us. "Come on mate we have to buckle up!" he shouted running after Zayn and pulled him back. Zayn was obviously upset and as soon as we touched ground he ran to the bathroom for a quick touch up. As I got up I saw Louis and Niall getting up and bidding farewell to the two lovely ladies i had yet to meet. The girls got off and prepare for the hundreds of fans outside. We did what we did every time put on our smiles as the body gaurds stayed behind us watching us with a sharp eye. This is what we were made to do this is why we are who we are. We are One Direction.

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