This Is Our Life.

Mary and Cheyenne move to london thinking their lives would be normal. But when accidents and tragidies happen, they run in to people that could change thier lives forever.


4. Our Apartment

We got to our apartment and our U-Haul was already there. The boys agreed to help us unpack when they got the chance but they are from One direction so thats probably not gonna happen. I checked my phone and saw a text from Niall.

'Hey, its Niall. Me and the boys will be over in 15 minutes. I cant wait to see you:)' I smiled. Mary saw me, and laughed.
"What??!?" I said as my face got red. "I know Niall texted you." She said. "How?!?" I asked looking confused. "Louis told me to watch your face like five minutes ago." She said with a giggle. I was gonna curse at her but there was a car that pulled up beside us and out stepped the five boys. Oh boy.


Louis and Niall came running at us. I got a big bear hug from Louis and Cheyenne got the famous Horan Hug. Awe, thy were so cute. The rest of the boys came out. The one was tall dark and handsome. Im geussing that was Zayn. There was Harry the curly haired one and the Liam, the serious one. We shook hands and chatted a bit until Cheyenn anounced that we acualy had to do some work. We all got boxes and moved them inside. I put the boxes with mu stuff in my room and Chey did the same. We put the kitchen boxes in the kitchen and so on and so forth. After about 2 hours, me and Chey were tired but the boys insisted in doing the rest for us. Niall went to Chey's room and Louis went to mine and they remodeled our rooms. I cant wait to see them.


Niall was doing my room and I wanted to help but he just pushed me out. So I went to the kitchen where Liam was and asked if he needed help. He didnt, so I went to the bathroom and saw Zayn fixing his hair. "You need help in here?" I asked him, startling him. "Nope I think Im good here." he said and I walked off. I went to the living room and sat on the newly place couch by Harry and sat there waiting for the boys to be finnished. This was gonna take forever!!!
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