This Is Our Life.

Mary and Cheyenne move to london thinking their lives would be normal. But when accidents and tragidies happen, they run in to people that could change thier lives forever.


7. Exhaustion


We finally finished my room at about midnight. I had so much fun! I turned my head to the right to see Louis just staring at me. I didn't expect it so I jumped. "Holy Sh..." I said clutching my heart. Louis just sat there laughing his head off. "Laugh all you want! I WILL get you back!" I said running over to him and running into him. "Is that true?" he said his face inches from mine. "Maybe." I said and his lips locked to mine in the way that happens when all you've wanted to do is kiss that person.

"Hate to interrupt the fun." Liam said walking up next to us. I pulled away blushing and wiped my lips. "What... oh uh sorry." I slowly backed away. I ran upstairs to go get the extra paint cans and take them to the storage room. When i came back down the door was closed and the boys were gone leaving only a note behind.

"Hate to leave after an amazing kiss. Well hope to see you soon! Text or call and i promise to answer. Sweet dreams in London tonight! Zayn says Night too haha! Well good night. -Louis"

This was an amazing night many new friends and a kiss. Only a dream. I walked upstairs closed Cheyenne's door and finally decided to sleep.

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