This Is Our Life.

Mary and Cheyenne move to london thinking their lives would be normal. But when accidents and tragidies happen, they run in to people that could change thier lives forever.


8. Errands


Mary and i lost a day to get the furniture and grocery shopping down so we decided to get it done today. Me being the cook of the house, i got assigned to grocery shopping but whose complaining haha certainly not me!

When i got there i decided to pick up some fish to do salmon one night. Maybe a night we can invite the boys over. Hmm planned! I finally reached the check out in an hour and a half, the cart filled with more in it than there should be. Angry customers behind me gave me evil glares and oh was i having the best time just smiling back in their faces.   


I made my way to the closet modern furniture store grabbing a table and I ordered a new dishwasher. Then i went to a beautiful vintage furniture store and got a vanity mirror for both Chey and I. Then a nice end table and some bookshelves with a beautiful flower pattern carved into the side.

With what i had packed into the U-Haul i headed for home with Cheyenne waiting out on the front porch for me. We hauled everything inside placing them where we thought was the perfect spot. All that was left to buy at a later date were decorations to liven the house up. We then sat down at the computer, which is just Chey's laptop. We searched for jobs and both wrote down the contact info for that job. This was a hard but easy transition.

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