Everything Is My Fault

14 year old Vanessa longs to be popular, pretty, cool. Vanessa wants to be like Amanda Collins the popular girl at school. But she doesn't know the trouble Amanda is facing beneath the pretty face. Written from the P.O.V of Amanda and Vanessa. For the Unfairly accused competition.


1. Amanda

Amanda P.O.V

I smile at my friends watching them apply make up and lipstick trying to get attention. They smile when they saw me and wave there hands at me.

"Hi Amanda, we were just saying that do you know James from our p.e class he really likes you" my blonde friend Rose exclaimed.

"No way" I mumbled.

"yes way and we were thinking he was going to ask you out" my brunette friend Charlie mumbled. Just then James walked to us, my friends walked out quickly, leaving me with James.

"Hi James" I retorted.

"Hi Amanda could I ask you anything" James asked. I nodded my head, please don't let his ask me out. It wasn't like James wasn't a nice guy, he was and cute but I don't know. 

"Amanda I really like you and I wanted to ask you out" James whispered. I saw my friends pointing there thumbs at me.

"Yes" I mumbled.

"Cool, I'll see you later" James laughed walking out. My friends walked back to me smiling. I saw a shy girl called Vanessa looking at me in jealousy. I laughed and tossed my blonde hair, acting all cool and popular. I look at her and I see myself 2 years ago, well until I had acted like a popular but on the inside I knew how it felt, bad. Oh what had I got into I thought.

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