All of My Dear, Dear Phycopaths

All the phycopaths in my school, so really everyone. ;P


4. Wheelchairs, comas, and steps

First of all, a few days ago, a seventh grader got hit by a car. Please pray for her and her family. She is in a coma, has broken bones, and a popped lung.

On a happier note, the kid I mentioned in Chapter Two, was back in school. But the problem is he isn't very good on crutches, so he was in a wheelchair. Not a problem huh? Well the math room has steps and we had to wheel him around the school and come in the alternate way. His friend, Tucker, wanted to push his wheelchair to lunch. Our math teacher said yes, and they took off, the kid wheeling and Tucker pushing the chair as fast as he could. On the way back, they were trying to run into my back end, and I stepped over a little bit. Tucker lost control of the wheelchair and they crashed into some lockers. At least the lockers weren't eighth graders, just some random sixth graders like us.

Two teachers know about the Raman Noodle thing, and we have been stashing the food in cabinets. We have had to use up two cabinets already and we still have like, three weeks to go. The other teachers have like, 150 items turned in. We turned in 20 items. And a girl who is in my homeroom is also in a lot of my classes. I'll say to her.

"Hey Angie, we are losing so bad." then put on a stupid grin. In all, we have like,179 items combined in the cabinets and what is in the box, and only a few people have turned in stuff. I don't think needy people will be hungry for long.

A teacher that thankfully doesn't know our secrets came in and started bragging that she would kick our butts. Mr. Kotyk said to us, "Kids, say goodbye to Ms. Williams."

"Good bye Ms. Williams!" Then a kid named Jared decides to yell.


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