All of My Dear, Dear Phycopaths

All the phycopaths in my school, so really everyone. ;P


1. Mustaches

So, I got bored in math class, (NOW ACT SHOCKED) and I started drawing on notebook paper. My teacher started to walk over, so I rolled the paper into a tube, squashed it, and rolled the edges to look like a handle bar mustache. On my way to Health, my crush, (Who is a phsyco just like the rest of us) walked by me. I yelled, "HEY! Do you want a free mustache?" he took this into consideration for a moment before taking it and put it on his face. Little did I know that two seconds later, right before he headed into the locker room, a girl snatched the mustache off of his face and threw in in the girl's locker room trashcan. Then, I made more mustaches for the kids in my 9th period class. One kid didn't want a paper one so he drew one on his face with green sharpie. A smart idea, isn't it?Then the next day, I brought in a new mustache, which made people start laughing because I gave my crush the mustache and it started a whole domino like spring of mustache awesomeness.

My homeroom teacher is teaching us how to be competitive. The 'Kids helping Kids." food drive is at our school, and the homeroom with the most food for the drive wins a pizza party. Raman Noodles are his secret for winning, they are cheap and come in six packs. Instead of turning in all the food we get in a week, we will turn in like a noodle a week and stash all of the other things in a cabinet. At the last minute, we will turn in all of the food and no one will catch up to us.

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