All of My Dear, Dear Phycopaths

All the phycopaths in my school, so really everyone. ;P


5. Frontier Town

I just got home from camping with my cousins and had an awesome time. It was a halloween thing, so at night there was a dance. The dj was awesome and I have never seen a crowd so moved when it came to the Cupid Shuffle. But we were on like a porch right behind the dj, and they had a screen that showed the music video for whatever song was on there. When "Eye of The Tiger" came on, a crowd gathered around the screen. It was just a bunch of boxing videos but the concentration between a boy and screen was so intense I thought it was showing something dirty. When "What Makes You Beautiful" came on, the same boy and his friends stood up next to the dj and started dancing and singing.

Oh, did I mention the place was loaded with hot boys? I counted ten of them in five minutes, that has to be a record. I am a girl, give me a break people. But at six in the morning, my little sister and cousin decide that even though it was freezing cold and people were still in their campers, they should go outside and play with their toy guns. I slept on the floor with my mom because my little sister and cousin slept on the table bed, and my cousin's mom and dad slept in the normal bed. I was out like a light and if you knew me you would know I can sleep anywhere and through anything. 

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