All of My Dear, Dear Phycopaths

All the phycopaths in my school, so really everyone. ;P


6. Dances, Boys, and Brownies

Today on the morning announcements, our principal casually mentioned that our first school dance is coming up! I have been waiting my whole life for this! In elementary school we had like two dances a year, but me and my friends mainly stayed off to the side. In middle school you can actually bring a date and hang back without looking like an idiot! I am gonna wait until someone decent asks me out or ask someone else if I don't get asked. So I will more than likely have to go with the second option.

I also have boy issues. I really like this one kid in my math and homeroom, but I don't know what to do! He stares at me and acts like he likes me, but when I try to talk to him he compleatly ignores me! For example, I ran for student council, and I asked him if he would vote for me. He got a weird look on his face and said, "Oh yeah, I'm voting for a lot of, uh, people." like he was talking to a mental patient. He sits behind me, and when we were voting, I turned around and saw him bubbling in my name! Then he said he voted for another kid and I wanted to go "Yeah right." Comment if you have any advice for this.

In math, which ever class gets the highest score on a test, they get brownies. But not any ordinary brownies, my math teacher makes AMAZING brownies. They are so good that one kid makes out with his brownie before he eats it, getting icing all over his face, and then he eats the crumbs off of the table. Not picking up the crumbs with his hands, he actually puts his mouth on the table and slurps it up. Normally, he acts like a normal physco, like the rest of us, but this is weird even for him.

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