All of My Dear, Dear Phycopaths

All the phycopaths in my school, so really everyone. ;P


8. Cans, Evil teachers, and being a love doctor?

Okay, sorry I haven't updated in a while. But, while I was away, I have had a few interesting things happen. One, you know that kid that I really hate right? You know, the one with the broken leg? Well now we have to sit next to each other and he is more messed up than I thought. Anyway, in the first chapter when I told you about the food drive, it ends tomorrow and Mrs. Williams is a evil teacher. First, we had been hiding the food in cabinets, and while we were counting them and the doors were wide open, she comes running in the room at top speed and looks at our stashes. Then our classroom neighbor, Mrs. Rhodis, comes in with a odd look on her face, she already knows about the secret stash, and says, "Umm, I have been told to tell you to get out." Then Mrs. Williams smirks evily like the evil person that she is and struts around the room. Our teacher, Mr. Kotyk, comes in and is like, "Mrs, Williams, get out."

"Hmmmm," And she walks over to the chalkboard, partially covered by the screen for the projecter, and writes something on the board. Then she sits in the stool smirking. A kid named Jared (The one who won the bingo) pulls up the screen and she wrote, "Mr. Kotyk is a cheater and smells like doggy poo." Reeeeeal mature. Then, Mrs. Williams still refusing to get out, Mr Kotyk tells Jared to start counting the number of food items in the box. She stands up and starts to walk out, then bends down and steals our can! All of us, including Mr. Kotyk, screams, "OUR CAN!" 

Jared, looking dumbstruck just sits there for a second before Kotyk tells, "GO GET HER!" and Jared runs out of the class room and snatches the can from Williams, and almost made it back with the can but he tripped, fell, and the can rolled to Mr. Kotyk's feet. VICTORY!

And, that same kid I hate, has a HUGE crush on this girl we'll just call Cassie. So, he's sitting there singing, "I love a girl named Cassie," And then I'm like, "Do you want me to help get her to like you?" I personally know  her and really am hoping that he will shut up and do his work. And not try to hit me with a ruler.

"Sure, are you friends with her?"

"Yeah." then he goes on, and on, and on about how much he loves her and bullcrap like that. But then I found out he's got like twenty other peoples working on this too! But, still. I am like the only girl he thought of to help. Plus, I just found out that next week, my friend is having a birthday party and invited Cassie! I'm thinking a little truth or dare will help my matchmaking buisness.

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