A Slave

A historical fiction set in 1712 in The Slave Trade.

Joseph is a young Englishman who is chosen to travel to Africa to trade goods for living people, who will eventually be used as slaves in America. He is happy to be there- it has always been his dream to travel to lands as foreign as this.
He has no negative feelings about taking humans to forced labor in a distant place, until he meets Cela, a nineteen year old negro.
This is the story of how a life with everything he could ever want clashes with the one with everything taken away from.


2. Voyage & Africa

The ship wasn't as grand as I thought would be. It was very basic, no fancy furniture or decorated china. I spent most of my time resting down in my cabin, for I got a bit seasick, you see. I hardly went out unless I needed to go to the lavatory or it was meal time. It didn't matter to my father, he had plenty of men to help him.

This carried on for about 3 months, but that didn't matter either. I had brought my Bible with me, which took my mind off things. It was comforting when I read it, to know that God would be steering the ship in the right direction.


*   *   *


I thought the ship wasn't majestic, talk about Africa! I had envisioned it whenever I had the chance- grand palaces, flowing fountains & glistening lakes which shone in the sun! Lush green grass beneath bare feet which tickled my toes as I walked! A rush of disappointment flooded me when I stepped down onto land & surveyed the so-called heavenly kingdoms, to say the least. Basic houses, a dirty stream & not a single blade of grass in sight!

"Ey, Joseph, my boy!" shouted Father as he ran towards me, "What do you think of Africa?"

I didn't answer. He noticed the sadness in my face.

"Why the long face, son? Isn't this the place you've been dreaming of since you were 12 years old?"

"It...it just seems so..." The words choked in my throat.

Father stared at me. Then his face cleared.

"Different? No worries, Joseph, you'll adjust soon enough. You have to remember, this is no England. It's somewhere completely different. Have a little spirit, eh?" He nudged my shoulder, then ambled off towards his ship, where his men were already unpacking cheap goods from England.

I turned my head towards the village. People with dark skin looked back. I was drawn towards a woman, not much younger than me. Her features stood out to me- her oval face, long nose & full lips grabbed my attention. But more importantly, her eyes. Wide eyes, scared eyes.

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