A Slave

A historical fiction set in 1712 in The Slave Trade.

Joseph is a young Englishman who is chosen to travel to Africa to trade goods for living people, who will eventually be used as slaves in America. He is happy to be there- it has always been his dream to travel to lands as foreign as this.
He has no negative feelings about taking humans to forced labor in a distant place, until he meets Cela, a nineteen year old negro.
This is the story of how a life with everything he could ever want clashes with the one with everything taken away from.


4. The Loading Point

I let go of Cela. Her mother stared at me.

"Slaves? What are slaves?"

I told her truthfully about them, how they are forced into physical labor, kept under poor conditions & work without pay. How they are used to endure the worst kinds of jobs & agonizing the most terrible, painful punishments if not done as told to.

"Sklavoj? We will be turned into sklavoj in Ameriko?" Cela looked horrified.

I nodded sadly. And at that point I had to turn away because I knew this was the last time that she & her mother would see each other. They hugged & held on to each other for an infinite amount of time. I heard their tragic cries above all else. I moved towards the door, for I could bear it no longer, until I heard the same sounds from each & every house in the village.


They were shackled & tied at the wrists. Men with whips made them bleed, each drop of blood staining the beige, dusty road red. There were fit men & sick men, fine women & pregnant women, & even children on the loading point. Cela was near to the back, shackled with an even younger girl. She looked at me with desperation but I could do nothing. Nothing but watch her & hundreds of others suffer. But I could only see the outward pain of these innocent people; their emotional torment must be torturous & more! How could I have ever thought that trading cheap goods with human beings a fair trade? I glared at my Father across the line, but he dismissed it. He was too busy whipping a heavily pregnant woman on board. I stared. How would a newborn infant survive in such a ship, with such crowded conditions?

The simple answer to that is: it won't.


There were so many slaves that it took over six hours to get them all on board. Some men rebelled & tried to break the shackles. But that was impossible, & all they gained was a hard whip between their shoulder blades.

I stayed by Cela's side all throughout. I had held one of her wrists for comfort, but tear after tear silently rolled down her cheeks. I whispered reassuring words in her ear, but we both knew that it would do no good. At one point she could stand it no longer.


"No!" I scolded her. But the whipman on the other side of her decided to deliver a major whip to her spine anyway. Cela gritted her teeth. Blood dribbled out of the cut & her eyes spilled over with tears. I watched her close her eyes & felt her fingers searching for mine. So I let go of her wrist & held her fingers instead. Finally it was her turn to go on board the ship. Father said to me,

"Let go of her, Joseph."

"No!" I retorted. "Where she goes, I go. Whatever conditions she will live in for the next 4 months, I will be there with her!"

"Let..." Father grabbed my wrist which was holding Cela's. "Go..." He tried to prise my fingers off her, but I kept them there. "Of..." Still I refused to let go. "Her!" He hit my wrist as hard as he could. Pain rattled my bones. I let go with shock & cushioned them between my thighs. Cela was pushed down into the base of the ship, taking the poor girl who was with her down into the darkness.

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