A Slave

A historical fiction set in 1712 in The Slave Trade.

Joseph is a young Englishman who is chosen to travel to Africa to trade goods for living people, who will eventually be used as slaves in America. He is happy to be there- it has always been his dream to travel to lands as foreign as this.
He has no negative feelings about taking humans to forced labor in a distant place, until he meets Cela, a nineteen year old negro.
This is the story of how a life with everything he could ever want clashes with the one with everything taken away from.


1. The Time Before

Hello. My name is Joseph Smith & this is my story.The story that changed my life forever.


It started off very well. It was 1712 & I was a young wealthy man. My family was rich, I inherited much of their money & used some of it to get a good education. My dream was to one day travel to a faraway kingdom to witness life elsewhere. My father motivated me to go to Africa, since he was a sailor who went there to trade. He says that he put Africans onto a huge ship & took them to a place called America, where they were sold. I rarely saw my father, because each journey took at least 10 months,  & he hardly stayed with us when he got back.

I was chosen to work with him a few years later. I recall being very excited during the months which led to it, I couldn't wait to see my father. I remember the morning when he shook me awake.

"Aye, lad, it's time to go! Time & tide waits for no man, y'know."

I was so ecstatic I almost hit the roof! This was my chance! I was going to Africa! But when I got to the door, I hesitated.

"What's the matter, boy?" Father demanded.

"Nothing, sir." I didn't want to tell him that I was afraid of leaving mother on her own. She had insisted that she would get by without us, but she was but a feeble woman. I shook of my doubts. It wouldn't do me any good, I knew.

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