Eliana is an average directioner who would love to see One Direction. Sadly for her, she suffers the disput of domestic violence. Only the prospect and hope that One Direction gives her helps her cope with her situation. However, when the thing she loves most has been shut off and she is taken in by some strangers, her life takes a turn for the worse. Will she ever rise up and become happy once more?


3. Who are you?

I turned my head to see a tall man standing over my body. His eyes were black and i sensed a danger from the blank expression hidden in his face. Only his eyes revealed his true intentions. Looking away to anything other than his malevolent face, it was then that i noticed that i was strapped to a chair. My legs were twinisted painfully around the legs and my hands were roughly tied with a knot at the back of the chair. As my senses became more alert i began to feel the rope holding my hands burn into my wrists. I became away of the pressure around my mouth; a gag. I stiffled a sob but quickly regained my composure, for i didn't want to let on how weak i really was. I stared down at the silver stained floor, keeping my expression blank and hard from determining the feelings of pure fear and anger running through my veins.

"Eliana." Since waking up i forgot about the whispered calling in my dream that was a reality. I continued to stare down at the floor but he knew i was awake. "Eliana" He hissed, more firmer. I shuddered. I would not succumb to the calling. That's what i thought. I thought i was strong enough to resist, but i was wrong. Within an instant of hissing my name, the man slapped my face. The area of impact burned with the power of fire. I screamed. The man chuckled. I heard his footsteps creep closer to me until i felt his breath on the bare of my neck. My hairs stood on end as his breathing deepened and he began caressing my neck with the tips of his fingertips. I stayed as still as possible, fear rooting me to the spot rather than allowing me the chance to shove awar his hand with my head.

"Do you know who i am Eliana?" The way he said my name jolted me out of the revere of fear i once had. I remembered that voice. The way the man held the a at the end of my name revealed to me the man's identity.

"Urgghhhh" I tried to constitute words but the gag prevented my speech. He understood. He slid the gag away from my mouth and left it hanging around my neck. My cheeks were sore and at first i struggled to make out the words. I must have had the gag on for a while while out of consciousness.

"Lucas...Lucas Black" I supressed the sensation to vomit over the hideous words. My history with Lucas began when i was 5. He dated my mum before i had my recent step-dad. My real father died mysteriously when i was 1 but  i knew that Lucas had killed him. He wanted my mum and did what he had to to get her. But into their marriage, he abused her; just like me. My only sister was driven mad with the abuse and committed suicide. He truly tore my life apart. I thought i'd escaped him when  he was kicked out of the house. He got his revenge though. He got his friend,my step-dad, to marry my mum after several more years and then murder her. I am now forced to live with a murderer and to never escape the solitude and fear of my household.

"Yes..." He smiled showing 2 lines of yellow and crooked teeth. His breath was fresh with the smell of mint-a dispicable attempt at fitting into my family by seducing my mum with the idea of being a suitable partner.

"Long time no see" he continued. "You are probably wondering why i brought you here Eliana but i don't think i could treat you like that." He turned the chair i sat on to face me. "You and i are going on another little trip but before we leave i need you to take a deep breath..."

I didn't understand. It was when he pushed a layer of white powder in front of my mouth that i did. I refused to breath it in. He saw me hesitate and stop doing as he said. So he snatched out a hand and drew it forcefully to my mouth. 10 seconds passed, then 20,30,40. I was struggling to hold my breath for much longer and unwillingly, i snorted in the powder. I had just taken drugs. I was contaminated with them. I waited for an effect but none came. I began to think that Lucas' plans had failed but suddenly i grew weary.

"Stop...stop..." Lucas shoved more of the drug up my nose and began injecting more into the crook of my arm. Again i started to lose consciousness. The last thing i remember was the continued inducing of drugs into my bloodstream.

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