Eliana is an average directioner who would love to see One Direction. Sadly for her, she suffers the disput of domestic violence. Only the prospect and hope that One Direction gives her helps her cope with her situation. However, when the thing she loves most has been shut off and she is taken in by some strangers, her life takes a turn for the worse. Will she ever rise up and become happy once more?


20. What now?

I sat in the bath, listening as downstairs Liam told the boys about Louis. Harry had helped fill Liam in about what had happened that night, which had subsided a lot of Liam's anger. He was now as distraught as the others. Harry was in his room. He wouldn't talk to anyone. Louis was closest to Harry out of all of them and as a fan I knew it. As I finished up washing I felt dissatisfied. I wanted to wash away all the sorrow but it wasn't something you could remove easily. I changed into a different set of clothes, being careful of my leg cast and then I hobbled downstairs. Grabbing my crutches I hopped along into the living room, a solemn expression etched onto my features. I could feel the boy's eyes following me as I sat down. I daren't look at them.

Liam cleared his throat. "I guess we need to make funeral arrangements, there's no point wait-"

"Are you mad?!" Interjected Zayn. He stood up from the sofa, looking Liam in the eyes. "How do we know for certain? You told us the police never found a body!"

"Yes, but they said it could have easily bur-" Liam's eyes wavered over to the foot of the stairs where Harry slowly crept down from. All eyes were on him as he walked into the room and sat down beside me. His eyes were red and the playfulness and charm in his character was all gone.

"-y'know what I mean" Carried on Liam.

The room fell silent again.

"It can't be true..." Muttered Niall, only just audible to be heard.

"I'm sorry Niall but you have to look at the facts, it would have been impossible for him to escape"

"But Louis is the sassy sasquatch...he's impossible in himself" The humour seemed flat and broken was the pretence for Niall talking about Louis.

"Moving on..." With every interruption, Liam felt ever more remorseful but aimed to stay strong for as long as he could. "The arrangements-"

"We are not making any arrangements just yet" Harry spoke out. His voice was coarse and sounded as if it was an old exhaust pipe, rusting and giving out.

"Harry, there's no point in pretending-"

"No Liam. He was MY best friend. You cannot understand what I feel about this situation. We may all feel one way but know that he was more than a brother to me and if we need to go through with this then it will be me who has to deal with it"

The boys looked down at the ground, fighting the urge to cry. Liam looked as if he would break at any moment. Drawing himself in, he shifted ready to walk out the door.

"I'll contact Louis' family-"

"It's already been done" Cut-in Harry.

"mhhhmm" Mumbled Liam who swiftly left the room and made his way outside where I listened to the back door slam.

"I should leave. I shouldn't have got mixed up with you in the first place. I've torn up your lives already and I won't stay where I know I am doing more harm than good" I got up to my left leg, grabbing the crutches to walk out when a hand grasped my right arm. I stopped and looked to see Harry staring up at me with desperation.

"No. You came to us because of a reason. A reason that must be fulfilled. It was your destiny and even though we couldn't have stopped what has happened, we now have a duty to keep you safe. You had a connection with Louis. That's good enough for us"

I looked away. "But it's not right to stay, I should go now-"

"And where will you go?"

I thought. I couldn't bear to cause people to suffer anymore. But then where was I to go?

"I'll...I'll...find some place"

"And how will you do that?" Harry countered as quickly as the first question.


"You will stay under our protection for as long as is necessary. What more can harm you now?"

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