Eliana is an average directioner who would love to see One Direction. Sadly for her, she suffers the disput of domestic violence. Only the prospect and hope that One Direction gives her helps her cope with her situation. However, when the thing she loves most has been shut off and she is taken in by some strangers, her life takes a turn for the worse. Will she ever rise up and become happy once more?


12. What happened?

Eliana's P.O.V.

I slowly came to, my mouth dry and brain exhausted. I sat lying in a hospital bed with fluids being pumped into my body through injections in my arm. The call of the patients beside me and the rush of nurses to their aid brought me back to reality. The last thing i remembered before getting to this hospiatl was that i passed out. But Louis was with me. I looked around the bed to see if a chair had been pulled up but no chair was sat beside the bed. Odd. I rang a red button for assistance and a nurse immediately came to my bed.

"Is everything alright dear?" She quizzingly asked while her eyes constantly flashed back and forth at my face and body.

"Yes thanks"

"Do you need anything?"

"When can i leave the hospital?"

"We'll need to do some tests so you will have to stay for the night i'm afraid, but rest assured we will do our best to keep you from being bored-"


The nurse looked taken aback, nevertheless she contined.

"Yes, you see the state you were in caused quite an ala-"

"What state? What happened after i passed out?" I paused. "How did i get here" I already knew the answer to the last question because of course it would be Louis.

"We got a call for help and within 10 minutes the paramedics arived and you were having a heart attack. A very severe heart attack. We took you in and treated to you. You gave us quite a scare..." She drifted off into a conversation about the scares of my incident but i couldn't get past the fact that i had had a heart attack. A very severe heart attack.

"...and then a young boy came to see you in the hospital, he was very flustered-"

"Wait, what boy?

"He didn't give a name although he said he was a friend of yours. However, we couldn't risk it when you were unconsious and had no way of proving his identity..." She then started to trail off again.

"What did he look like?!" I became desperate.

"He had very short brown hair and brown eyes. Do you know anyone like that?"

"Liam" I whispered. But where was Louis, i thought. He had been right with me when i passed out so where had he been when the paramedics came to help me. Why did Liam seem so flustered when he arrived at the hospital? The questions spun through my head making me unaware of the blank gaze in my eyes.

"Is everything ok?" The nurse peered down at me as if i was a child.

"Yes i'm fine now, thank you"

"Your welcome. Just call again if you're in a spot of bother" The nurse smiled broadly,turned on the spot and trotted away from the bed; leaving my ward.

I had to leave despite the doctors orders. So as soon as the nurse left the vicinity i pulled out the needle in my arm and ran for it. Luckily my clothes hadn't been changed into a hospital gown so running was made easier when the clothes i had were more suitable for running in. As i ran nurses looked up from their patients' beds and left to run after me. I ran harder and on reaching the reception i pelted through the doors.

Rain blurred my vision but i ran on into the mini-woodland area i was in with Louis only the other day. I surveyed the area for anything unusual but clearly speculating wasn't good. So i reached down to touch the floor when i realised i used my broken arm to clutch at the ground. Quickly, i swapped arms to avoid further pain  and damage to my injuries.

The area was marked with footprints and disturbed leaves. I couldn't find anything. It was hopless. No evidence at all. In a desperate plee for acknowledgement, i rang Louis' number. The phone rang 2 times before i heard the ringing of a phone. I got up and walked to the spot of the calling where i saw Louis' phone lodged inbetween two logs, a meter from where we had been sitting yesterday.

Ending the call, i picked up his phone and looked at it closely. The last call that was made was to Liam. The information on the phone showed that it had lasted only 20 seconds at the most. Extremely quick for a converstation between the two despite what happened yesterday. Still, i knew that the only way i could find Louis was through Liam. Liam was my best hope.

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